Omg some of these look so beautiful! I need to get a couple.

Wow this is beautiful, I may just need to pick this up 😀

OOOOH I am excited for these 😀

These colors look really pretty. I love the olive shades for the winter time 😀

Oh wow, these all look amazing too! My MAC Christmas list is getting longer and longer!

Holy cow! Heritage Rouge is calling my name! It’s the only one in this set that I love, but since it is perm, I am hoping they have it in the mini’s for $10 because I need it in my life 😀

Wow, I never tried a MAC pigment before, but I think I have my eyes on this set 😀

Omg Corsica looks beautiful. I don’t think I have a shade like that in my collection, so I just might have to get it 😀

I would use the gift cards for more high end type makeup. I usually stick with a lot of drug store makeup, so it would be nice to be able to try different high end products.

I am seriously in love with that Cobalt Blue. I need that eyeliner in my life!

Omg these are seriously so freaking beautiful. I love them both!

Hey Christine, I have been wanting to try the eye shadows, but I keep going back and fourth between Chanel and Dior. When it comes to the eye shadow palettes, what brand would you recommend over the other?

Hey there, I was just wondering what is your favorite Chanel products? I have been dying to try a couple, but since they are so pricey I want to know whats worth buying :) I am looking to buy a quad or a blush. […]

I would use the neutral shades and then add a pop of color in my crease and inner corner :)

I would say Smart Phones. Everyone seems to have one besides me lol

This looks like an amazing color!

It looks so pretty in the bottle, but not so well on the nails 😐

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