Great. He took my favorite lip gloss and added mint to it. Why do all lip glosses need to be mint flavored?

I am very pale and very very cool toned. Even thinking about wearing warm tones makes me look sick. I’m talking lobster fingers, sick-pink cheeks, red eyes if I wear warm toned colors

I need new brushes for my clarisonic. And Christmas shopping, of course

No, but if anyone has and knows how, I’d love to find out. I can’t stand the smell of Guerlain products, but love them

Yes! Guerlain Meteorites. I looooove what they do for me, but, and I seem to be in the minority, I hate the smell. This is true of most Guerlain products

Just the UD BOS. I found it really easy to de-box, and I actually use it now that it’s not so annoying to drag out every day

I’m excited for Amazon! I do most of my shopping there

My main issue is figuring out if I actually want anything, or I’m just excited about it being inexpensive. I love the Bare Minerals Duos, but I don’t think I need more blue eyeshadow…

By “specialty stores,” does that include Sephora? Adult Content is calling my name

I HATE it. I love meteorites, but the smell prevents me from buying it. It’s a shame, they’re so pretty, and do such wonderful things to my face. And I can’t find a scent free dupe.

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