How is the scent on these? Is it strong or subtle? The violet scent usually bothers me, but these are so pretty, I want it to work!

I hope they make Ladyflower permanent someday because that is the only one I want!

I would buy some nice holiday gift for my family and maybe a little something for myself.

It’s actually not available yet. Sephora has said that it will be released in October.

Aww, don’t call yourself a fool! You were swayed because they looked so pretty. I almost took the bait on this one, but I had a feeling it would be bad.

So many pretty colors! Hope they aren’t drying like other NARS lipsticks.

I guess it’s a good thing that there is only nail polish because the prices for other things would be outrageous!

Thanks! I’ll pass then.

Do you think this could be a good all over powder for medium skin? I’m looking for something like Meteorites (I can’t use them since I’m allergic).

If I had $250 at Sephora, I would definitely buy a couple Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks. I’d also buy my husband and myself new fragrances.

I love the lips look the best! I never would have thought to add eyeshadow on top of lipstick. Brilliant!

Is there a review for the bronzer? I see it in the picture above but no review is listed.

It has been discontinued, sorry!

Pleasure Model and BGGG are my favorite blushes so I think I would love this too, but that price tag!

BTW, is Guerlain Gems being repromoted? Please say yes!

Got mine yesterday, and I love it!

I was thinking that it looked similar to Cockney, too. What do you think Christine?

It’s available now online.

This is a must have. So pretty!

Am I the only one who thinks that these are all looking too similar?

So surprised to see how well Pool Boy applies! Almost looks creamy.

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