This is such a great question. I feel like assumptions are ALWAYS made about makeup. If you wear too little, too much, none at all. I remember at my old job, I had an allergic reaction to some fruit that made my […]

I am THRILLED to see you review Zoeva!! I only hope to see your thoughts on their brushes! I’ve been buying from them for years now, and they have some really strong products at really affordable prices. I will […]

LOL Your commitment is amazing! This is why I just can’t get into the LE stuff, I need my sleep :)

Although very beautiful, I’m just getting really tired of the limited edition game. Between MAC’s ridiculous collection calendar, and all of the other limited items out now, I just wish brands would focus on […]

I really appreciate these posts!! Especially with MAC, they’re out of control with the amount of LE products they release, but it’s still super nice to have the swatches of permanent items. Thank you!!!

Yes!! I generally don’t buy anything from anyone’s spring and summer collections because I generally don’t like pastels and many of the delicate brights that companies put out for their collections. My personal […]

Very pretty (I do love the lipstick for this release as well) but I’m getting tired of the super warm trend I see in almost all of the palettes being released lately. There are a few with cooler colors, but here’s […]

I agree wholeheartedly about the pricing. I’m noticing a serious hike in pricing implemented by almost all beauty companies, whether it’s nail polish, moisturizer, or make-up. It’s really frustrating. And I’m […]

Oh, silly MAC. Why do they think people want Carbon in every single palette they release?? Or, if they insist on putting it everywhere, why not (gasp!) improve the formula? It’s laughable.

Glad to see this got good reviews! It’s really the only thing piquing my interest in the holiday collection so far simply because I wanted both the mascara and eyeliner, so I thought it was a great deal!! I’m more […]

Really love the quick review concept! Thanks Christine!

I personally didn’t like the movie, but I wouldn’t let something like that stop me from buying a good lipstick! Although nothing here is piquing my interest (one or two reds are enough for me), I’m glad to see […]

I have been waiting for these for months and months and months… I CANNOT wait for Styled in Sepia!! I might even have to get Pander Me or Fashion Revival, they look so beautiful!

Damn, I’m a little disappointed by the color selection in this palette. I’m more of a lipstick/eye shadow kind of woman, and I hardly finish blushes so I think long and hard about them when I buy. I thought this […]

I’ve been looking for the 20% off on serums on Paula’s Choice since you posted it last week too, but I haven’t seen it. Does it require a code?

Wait… this isn’t MAC’s holiday collection, is it? Just holiday couture?

I love that duo, but I just don’t think I could ever shell out $88 for one eye product!!

Although these colors are very nice, they just don’t “do” anything for me. However, the look as a whole is stunning!

Right?? I never look at the quads when collections come out!

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