NARS Digital World Lip Set! I especially love the peachy shades in that set.

I would wear Raquel first! That shade seems like the perfect pinkish nude.

I would wear middle light pink shade with berry lips and a grey smoky eye

I would use it on a hair straightener I so desperately need! Mine has been broken for a few years now and doesn’t perform very well at all.

Considering all of the eyeliners I have never seem to run out, I’m going to have to say yes. Only getting two months use out of three separate eyeliners is ridiculous IMO.

Fuchsia by definition has some purple in it. The shades you mentioned (despite the Maybelline one having the word ‘fuchsia’ in the name…it’s pretty off) are more like hot pinks.

Just so you know, MAC’s Mineralize Rich lipstick in Lady At Play looks exactly the same on me as Toying Around, and I actually think the formula is more forgiving for how it looks on the lips and seems to be a […]

I would do a dramatic warm orange smoky eye with a gold inner corner detail.

I’d like to win Smoked Honey for sure.

Pretty sure I have about 35, maybe a little more? I’m a hoarder obviously, haha. I use everything I have though, so if I don’t like something or I’m not getting any use out of it I sell or give it away. My […]

OPI Just Spotted The Lizard

Your skin tone/coloring: NC15-neutral leaning olive
Most wearable eyeshadow you own? Hmm…maybe MAC Patina or UD Toasted?
Most wearable blush you own? Tarte Exposed
Most wearable lipstick you own? MAC Kinda […]

If this were a few months ago I would have said Sephora without a doubt, but I was banned recently so I’m taking my business elsewhere unless they plan on fixing the issue…Ulta’s new reward program has impressed […]

I would wear Pleasure Bomb with a small black winged liner and a strong contour!

My favorite beauty tip is to take care of your skin! A lot of people don’t do all of the steps that they should (exfoliate, moisturize, use SPF, etc) but it makes a huge difference.

First look I would try would be a purple cut crease!

Double cash back at Sephora is always nice!

I would wear it on the lids with a matte dark brown in the crease and matte brick red lips for a dramatic and fun holiday look!

Your skin tone/coloring: Around NC15…neutral leaning on warm
Eyeshadow color you have too many of? Bronzy neutral shades for sure. Or just neutrals in general. I absolutely love neutral eyeshadows.
Lipstick […]

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