Oooooh! These are my kind of lipsticks! Semi-sheer with a perfect smooth finish. I’ll get Corail Decollete for sure. Perfect everyday shade!

Your skin tone/coloring: NW15

Favorite bronzer? Chantecaille St. Barths, Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder 04 Sun Blondes

Favorite highlighter? Burberry Nude Radiance Highlighting Powder, […]

I think their highlighters are overrated (powders are okay, liquids are imo mediocre at best).

Their blushes are great! Sadly, I don’t hear a lot of people talking about them.

In general: Opaque lipsticks, gel eyeliners, liquid foundation, glittery/shimmery lip products, contour palettes, masculine and unisex fragrances

Specific products: Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara, UD Naked 1, NYX […]

Oh no, I like exactly two shades from each palette! Wish these were singles/create your own palette!

So SAD that you didn’t like these :(

RBS eyeshadows are some of the best I’ve tried for my oily lids. They stay on forever without creasing and they are so easy to blend (they don’t create muddy patches like […]

Cosplay reminds me of those green haired night elves with green lips! Cute! Not that I would ever dress up as Alliance, lol!

Haul: Sephora canceled my orders (they do this EVERYTIME there is a sale! Seriously, the last 4 sales this happened. Never any problem when I pay full price). By the time I was able to get an order to actally go […]

No Modern Pewter, Zestful, Just Gleaming, Platinum Love or Opalesse :(

Still happy about the ones from last year’s summer collection, though!

If only they could bring back the mega metals next! Those were AMAZING!

I’m sure this will look super pretty with 5 coats, but who has time for that??!


I am really happy with my other Laura Geller products, so I’m sure I’ll like this one. Great shade with the perfect amount of sheen!

YESSS! This is what I’ve been waiting for! Ordered 3 blushes and 5 eyeshadows!

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