It’s beautiful but it’s ridicilous to spend 50 dollars on nail polish. I would want it as a decoration rather than a polihhh

I don’t like the Beauty blender I think it’s tooooo soft and squishy. I like the Real Techniques sponge because the shape is better and it’s more dense but still soft and not like hitting your face with a brick building ha ha

yeah im poor hehehehe

Why don’t you give brushes ratings? I understand someone can’t give a perfume ratings, just curious about why :) huggs

Your skin tone/coloring: Like NC10 or something

Do you find sales associates useful? No, I know my thang. Usually they can’t help me choose what to buy. I have Temptalia and Makeupalley, I don’t need no […]

well at least 50 shades of grey dont need one lol

I love my cake eyeliner :)

I’m not interested in their eyeshadows or blushes, the shade range in both is really strange and doesn’t really appeal to me. The blushes are either shimmery or in a color I don’t like, though I have a LE blush […]

Sponges are great. Also tissues, I use them to blot my face after moisturizing and fast cleaning brushes. Tweezers are great for applying false eyelashes and then of course, fingers :)

Yay, my question! I think a black cream eyeshadow or cream eyeliner is a really good base and I find cream shadows easier to blend than a matte powder, and also it makes the final result much blacker than with […]

I always do my foundation/concealer/powder first, then my eyebrows, because I don’t want to be in a hurry when I do them. Also, when I did my eyebrows, I can go do my lips or eyes or something, and then go back to […]

I drop everything all the time all day erry day I be dropping things :(


My mother can borrow or have anything she wants. I’m too generous for my own best, so when I see a friend get all excited over something that I have, I sometimes can’t resist giving it to them… even if it’s […]

A good concealer (NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer) so I can use it as concealer and as an eye primer for when I’m wearing neutral matte eyeshadows. Also a nice blush (NARS Boys don’t cry or MAC Frankly Scarlet) to […]

I have trichotillomania, so there are periods when I use individual false eyelashes to fill in where my own lashes are missing (which is usually everywhere).

I like yellow on me, but not golds or bronze. I also like teal very much, but I have never worn blue because it looks hideous on me. Also silver and greys look boring on me, except silvery glitter eyeliner.

Eyelash curler, hair tools or blow dryers, sponges, eyebrow/eyelash brushes…

Not really, I’m always the same shade of ultra pale all year round. In the summer I’m more oily though and use a blot powder more often.

NARS Orgasm blush. When I put on one layer, it didn’t show upp. When I put on two layers, it looked like someone had punched me in the face. Lol what a waste, especially for the price…
All MAC foundations (the […]

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