OMG BEST REMOVER EVER. Takes off glitter like nobody’s business. Best part is the bottle. It’s one of those things where you can press a cotton ball against the top and have the perfect amount come out. It leaves no smell on my hands. I highly suggest buying this from Birchbox if you are a subscriber. Free shipping last time I ordered it…

If this weren’t limited edition, Maybelline would have a lifelong fan in me!! It adds dimension to your eye effortlessly. It fits well with my natural skintone, so I don’t even need to blend that much. Much more buttery than the other color tattoos that I own from the permanent collection.

More like a cranberry than a burgundy, I would say. I like the shimmer as it makes the consistency very creamy and easy to work with. It does not crease on my eyelids and does not migrate either. AWESOME for fall look or plum/red smoky eye!

So hard to scoop out of the pan and even harder to get to spread against my eyelid. Has the consistency of frozen butter, the color is not warm enough for even my cool based skintone, ends up looking dirty on my eyelids. VERY hard to blend. I like the other non-matte color tattoos much much better.

Def a nice smoky eye shade. It smudges out well. I would say that the consistency is a pleasure to work with, although the coloring is quite confusing. It’s both cool and warm at the same time, and I have trouble deciding what to pair up with it.

A bit overhyped. The glitter was fairly noticable, but the lovely peachy coral didn’t show through. I wish the base color was more noticeable and the wear time better.

I’ve never had a highlighter look so greasy on me! I have extremely dry skin, so it was a shock for me to see what looked like oil after applying this. I think it was a mix of my Asian skin with cool skintone that made it appear that way.

I liked this a lot, overall. It works really well blended with other blushes that have a golden shimmer (like orgasm). I’ve had this for two years, used it often, and barely made a dent in it. It’s still my favorite nighttime highlighter even though the gold glow is too obvious and unnatural in sunlight.

Beautiful color and idea. However, I hate the fallout in this eyeshadow. Gold or silver shimmer on my cheeks is one thing, but green flakes of foil are another. Also, none of the swatches seem to convey exactly how frosty the finish is on the eye.

Lovely shade for fall or winter. Super duper pigmented with a nice baked design that is easy on the eyes. I only wish the shimmer was toned down just a notch or two, then it would be a lovely day blush as well!

Two qualms. Needs sharpening. glitter migrates. Other than that it is non-drying, long-lasting, and the color is soooo saturated it almost leaps off your face!

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