Totally agree. They feel like wax going on and do absolutely nothing as far as moisturizing. I don’t get the hype at all.

I have already taken advantage of the Sephora and Amazon cash back deals, so clearly they were most exciting to me! 😀

For my face makeup I use the medicine cabinet mirror above my sink, then I switch to a hand mirror to do my eye makeup since my vision is terrible and I need to be close to the mirror to get the details just […]

I totally agree. I think Sebastian would make a wonderful base color for mixing custom shades. It might be nice for toning down some of the “louder” Lip Tar shades.

That color looks lovely on you!

My order came yesterday & I got the necklace! So cute! And the liners are a dream! 😀

I would create a shimmering natural look with a pop of blue using Seashells, Le Poisson, Wandering Free, And Caspian Sea.

Paparazzi is gorgeous! I wonder if it would work with my cool skin tone?

With winged eyeliner and a smile! 😉

I would buy all of these if they made them!

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