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Such an amazing fuchsia colour. It can tend to lean more purple than pink on some people (including myself).

The texture and formula is excellent, and even when the lipstick comes off after eating etc, the colour leaves quite a nice stain on the lips.

I would have given it a 5 star rating, but the fact that we have to pay $36 for it in…[Read more]

Creme d’Nude is a great nude lipstick. Overall, the texture is quite good, but pale skinned girls like myself might need to watch it with this shade, because it’s quite easy to have that “dead” look with such a lack of bright colour.

I find Creme Cup weird. It’s a nice colour, but the creamsheen formula is weird on me, and seems to be patchy and shows dry patches. I also don’t find the formula on this one to be as good as say Amplified finishes, being not opaque enough for my liking. Bit of a bummer, because its a lovely everyday colour.