I really enjoy burgundy colours like marsala, but I’m a little disappointed that they’re trying to water it down into being a neutral rather than a rich shade like it actually appears on the Pantone colour […]

Bourgeois pig has to be my favourite name for a blush product ever 😀

I think cool-toned pale pinks only look good on really cool-toned dark-skinned women… otherwise people look a little too “Jersey shore” for my tastes. However, I’ll wear the ultra-pale nudes as an almost […]

Oh Mac why would you do this, I have no money :C The best lipgloss (Jet Boy) is even named after my fav Damned song…

I actually got it in a mystery box. I probably never would have picked it up on purpose, but I get so many compliments when I wear it :)

Nail lacquer in Hemlock, Charisma, Jan (seriously underrated shade!! Looks amazing on pale neutral skin) and Nomad

Gleam cream and Hydro veil primer

Intense lipgloss in Hermetic, Belladonna, Boost and […]

It seems like when a lot of less out-there high end brands do odd-coloured makeup they are just doing it for the novelty factor and don’t put as much effort into making the product decent. Perhaps it’s a […]

I’ve never bought a Naked palette yet but they seem to be getting nicer-looking each time (I love the burgundy and plum tones in this one).

Wait, there is going to be a Maleficient movie? I must live under a rock.

Looking forward to this considering how great the Maleficient stuff in Venomous Villains was :)

I think Hemlock is my favourite nail polish ever. I was so happy when they brought it back in their permanent line about a year ago and it’s nice to see it getting promoted again now :)

I am guessing these are supposed to have fall-out from the name and packaging. I know fall-out is seen as a no-no because it makes the product less versatile (can’t be used for smooth, sophisticated looks) but I […]

Wow, love all of these, especially the vampy shades :)

But it’s the same with Nars. Deep Throat, Orgasm? And why should sexual innuendos be the only thing they have to look out for. I don’t get all grumpy when I have to buy a piece of makeup with a girly-girl name […]

Most excited for Black Dahlia :)

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