I’d use the Ambient Lighting blushes first – I am in dire need of new blushes!

I just started my education to earn a diploma in Makeup Artistry so I would definitely use the card for adding essentials to my kit!

I never really “wow” at blushes, but this shade is sooo lovely.

You know, I’m really anticipating the release of these different black liners simply to see a comparison review from you! That is, if you do one. Here’s hoping! Thanks for the post :)

Hey, Christine! Just wondering how you typically apply cream blushes, it always looks flawless on your skin.

Clarisonic, hands down!

This is really beautiful – and it looks like it feels good on the lips, you know? I may have enough red lipsticks to last me for ages but when you see one like this that’s of such good quality, it’s hard to avoid wanting it!

I’d wear Razzledazzler (or any of them for that matter) with a matte black eye with a white/teal duochrome on the inner corner for a pop. Something like Lumi from Sugarpill. Big lashes and a nude blush too!

Oh wow, this is lovely. It looks amazing on you!

With a soot black smoky eye/a bright gold inner corner highlight like Sugarpill’s Goldilux. This red would be a perfection addition :)

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