Just wondering, how do you do blush swatches in the same day? Wouldn’t you have to take off each blush after along with the foundation? Dumb question but I’m really curious as I too, have a blog and when i do […]

Charisma Star also did the Effie Trinket makeup tutorial a while ago

I bought this a month or more ago, and it is way more yellow than expected. Definitely not as excited as I was

It’s very easy to depot. So you can take them out, stick them in a tin palette, and throw or store away the box

It is one of my favorites as well! I made sure to stock up (I have three now)

Estee Lauder HeatWave highlighter. I have it now (found it at a CCO) and I found a dupe for it, so I can stare at it now :)

If someone buys me that Chanel highlighter, I’ll give you an Estee Lauder Heat Wave LOL

A foundation that could adapt to any color of the neck.

blend, bitch, BLEND

Haul: I purchased the BECCA pressed highlighters in Rose Gold and Opal! So excited for them to arrive!
Weekend plans: writing and composing songs with a sound engineer
Adrenaline junkie only in the moment. if […]

Skin tone- Light/medium with olivey, golden undertones
last eyeshadow- Stila Kitten mixed with Bobbi Brown Rose Gold shadow
last blush- Romance by MakeupGeek
last lip color- Rose Hill by Color Your Smile

I use this way more than my Naked 3 just because I am warm-toned. The Naked 3 makes me look dead. I haven’t touched my Naked 3 in months

This palette does not look appealing to me…cool toned shades do not look good on me. I definitely want the first more than the second

Mine was the too faced chocolate soleil bronzer I couldn’t resist the chocolate even though I didn’t know how to use it

I would rather apply it myself but if I had no choice I would pick Jaclyn Hill in a heartbeat

I loved the summer palette but these just look so tacky to me…

How are they going to pull this off…

Don’t forget the Maleficent and Lorde collection!

As soon as I saw your twitter post I went online and purchased it. I wasn’t all that interested before but then I couldn’t pass up a great deal. I’ve never tried or owned any of these so this should be a great starter kit!

Bought this yesterday…the pigmentation was not good for me

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