I have Blue Velvet and absolutely love it. I’d been searching for a bright blue lipstick for ages, and they were either too expensive (either the base price or because of shipping) or the formula was off. Really […]

Seeing your review and swatches of Poe got me so excited for this line– the subsequent shades have been such a huge disappointment.

Oh well, guess you saved me a chunk of cash, Kat Von D.

Sometimes I go to sleep with my nails painted, and when I wake up, there are ten perfectly shaped nail polish flakes all in my sheets. It’s so bizarre.

I’ve ALWAYS had a problem with nail polish wear. Even the high end brands don’t work for me. I don’t get chipping or tip wear, instead, the polish pops off in full, nail-shaped sheets. I’ve tried various base […]

Most excited for the Anime duo!

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