Um. Tranquil, though

Oh, my heart. Are these ever pretty! Weird jelly coating aside (and what is up with that?! I’ve never seen a product sweat jelly, even matte ones), these sound absolutely gorgeous. And what a box, too! :p

Is that– is that a matte highlighter that I see? 😮

Aww, it’s too bad that these aren’t the same buttery, amazing formula that is the Ready line! They still sound fantastic though, and I LOVE customizable eyeshadow palettes — it’s always so nice to be able to pick […]

That nude, though. It sounds like a little bit of a headache to wear, but it’s so prettyyyyyy.

…okay, so I totally misread that as “Sailor Moon” and got really confused and excited about it for a second. I was all “I NEED THIS” mixed with “but wait, Cle de Peau totally isn’t that hip; what’s going on.” […]

Ooh, sparkle that stays put? Colour me intrigued!!

Man, I hate glosses like these — click-pen applicators and those gimmicky marbled tubes. It’s a shame to see something so weird and plasticky-feeling coming from a company like Becca!

I love love love that rainbow eye look, Christine! These shadows probably wouldn’t work out well for my oily lids, but they sure are pretty.

Uh. Am I the only one who had no idea that ColourPop does mattes??! Where have I been???? And why isn’t Downtown in my life?!

Ooh! I’m loving all these muted Cheek Pop shades — this one is so pretty!!

THAT PASTEL LID, THOUGH. What a dream. 😉

Aha! April/May 2011, Fashion Flower — that’s where I recognized this one from.

I wanted it then, and I still want it now. >.<

Huge 2nd for the MUFE shadows! Pigment like crazy + such a great range of colour and finish options.

Ohhh good lord, those powders.

…Am I the only one who thinks the fact that Notice Me is a sheer, light pink is hilarious? I mean, yes, pretty, but so discordant! 😀

YES this is still helpful, girl!! Helpful and preeeetty

Yessss!!!!! All of the yes!! I’m still working my way through the last lavender blush that you got me hooked on (Full of Joy), but

No!!! No, Too Faced, this could have been so good!!! :( :(

Thanks for the review, Christine. I guess I’m just going to have to keep looking for that perfect, filter-less powder!

Oh my god, is this ever gorgeous. And I love that it’s being put out by such a “normal”/mainstream company — it’s so great to see colours like this one from a non-artistry brand!

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