What I love about metal packaging is I feel like I’m really getting my money’s worth. It feels more luxurious and I appreciate when a brand uses it instead of plastic. However, the fingerprints annoy me as well. :-)

Not sure if someone mentioned this yet, if so, I apologize for the repeat.

I was a little disheartened when I was skimming through November’s issue of Allure Magazine and turned to a six page spread honoring […]

Confidence, and a pair of heels! :-)

Yes, gunmetal/hematite eyeshadows!

More Lip Tar & Nail Polish goodness! Also, so happy for Josh (Misty Maven); totally cool that she’s featured!

I really hope MAC eventually creates matching lipglasses for all the Viva Glam shades. I love supporting the cause, and all the shades in the line are almost universally flattering.

I was thinking the same thing!

My mom and my family members were never really into makeup. However, my mom was very supportive of me wanting to experiment with it. I wasn’t as daring with color at the time, and mainly wanted to enhance my […]

You’re very welcome! :-)

I am seriously considering them! I was so excited when you posted the press release for those sets. I think it’s a great way to try colors from the permanent line and they are so concentrated that even the […]

For a second, I thought the model in the photo was Gwen Stefani…wishful thinking! :-)

Oooo, good Q & A! I was wondering about this myself. :-)

Very pretty color! :-)

Haul: OCC Nail Polish and Lip Tar in Strumpet. I’m officially obsessed and feel compelled to buy more! LOL!

Weekend plans: Running errands and paperwork; might catch a movie.

Pen or Pencil? Pen, or […]

Ok, now I HAVE to try this! LOL! When the man in your life notices something different and comments on it, you know you have a great product in your hands. :-)

Considering the quality of MAC polishes is less than great, or even good at times, it’s interesting that their metallic polishes perform pretty well. In my experience, many other brands’ metallics underperform […]

What I like about these mineralize blushes is there’s a delicate softness to them that looks so pretty on the cheeks. :-)

Are these minis or full-sized products in these kits? Seems like maybe it depends on the kit? :-)

I think it is so cool that something as simple as a finishing powder can make such a difference in the way your skin looks. Hourglass really hit a home run with this product! :-)

As a survivor of childhood abuse, I am particularly sensitive to sexual violence against anyone! I, too, was ignorant to the subject matter of many of Bourdin’s photographs. While I respect and embrace that art […]

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