Are these reminiscent at all of the Ardency Inn Manuka honey pigments? For some reason the packaging and finish of these really remind me of them, and I’m so deprived now the Sephora pulled them from their in […]

How much do you think Men Love Mystery looks like Dominique from the NARS Audacious line? Dom has been on my wish list since it came out, but since I can’t pick it up at Sephora or order it online, I’ve been deprived </3

Dangerous looks a lot like Barbecue fro the Toledo collection! As much as I don’t need it, I’ll probably be picking up D id for Danger! Thanks for the reviews <3

How pretty! Looks a bit too much like MAC Warm Soul (to me at least), so I think I’ll pass! So in love with the range nonetheless!

Maybe I was wrong, but I was under the impression Marsala was a deep dusty rose sort of shade, not this burnt plummy terracotta? It’s nice, though unfortunately not what I am looking for!

Wow, these look amazing! I was wondering if sweating on the sides of brand new lipsticks are normal? These ones seem to have that, along with some of the MAC ones I just bought and was wondering if that meant they […]

It’s not in store, but it is online for $18 CAD!

I would use the palette for gorgeous, everyday neutral looks!

Gorgeous! I need this in my life OMG! When it first came out, I asked a worker at Sephora about it and she and her coworkers informed me it was limited edition, though you indicate otherwise… Oh well, I’ll […]

I’d wear all the eyeshadows on night’s out, everything else maybe daily! <3

I’d wear it with a fairly neutral look, to make my eyes stand out even more!! :)

I’m most excited for the Body Shop’s and Sephora’s cash back!

I’d wear these to line my eyes, and to smudge as an eyeshadow base! <3

Are the backs magnetic, or do I need to stick a magnetized sticker to the back to poop them in a Z-palette? Thanks!

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