A few people have already mentioned the Maybelline Age Rewind undereye concealer, and I heartily agree with that one – of course, using it over Bobbi Brown Corrector sort of negates the cheap factor, but that […]

Super late to the party, but I just wanted to say how… validated?… the comments made me feel! I am very nearsighted and, like some of the other commenters, wear a prescription too high for rimless or […]

Like many others, I had to comment on the eye makeup – tons of fun! It would really take some glowing reviews and praise to get me to try Bite glosses again. I had one when the line first hit Sephora; I loved the […]

Well, that just sold me on Rose Rush. (It’s what I refer to as a “me color” – no matter how many I have, when something launches in that shade, I end up buying it anyway.)

If I had ever gotten my own blog off the ground (someday I’ll learn to take decent pictures…) I had planned to write about this very thing. While the VIB program seems to be wildly successful, their rewards are […]

That is absolutely fascinating. Of course, I hear about it now, when I’m too far gone for it! (I’m a -7.5 in one eye and -6.75 in the other, and I’ve always worn glasses. I thought about contacts a few times, but […]

Oof. I may be unable to resist the blush palette, even though I have the blush palette from… 2012?… and haven’t made a dent. (Does anyone with fair skin ever make a dent in blushes, though? I think the only […]

I’m not sure I understand LQ’s foray into luxury pricing, and I’m a fan of the line. (I’ve put big dents in my tubes of Jean Queen, Medieval, and a few Saint shades as well.) It’s hard to fathom there is that […]

I have a somewhat older Yachiyo (maybe a year or so old?) and while I don’t find it that scratchy, I can’t get used to the size and weight of the brush to use it regularly. It’s really more of a “lack thereof” […]

I have to admit I skimmed through the list just to see if there was one with my name… and there is!

Mascara – while I’ve loved some higher-end ones, I get good to excellent results with many drugstore formulas.

I have a 2012 Stereo Rose, and while the new version almost seems like it might be easier for me to work with (I’m around an NC10 and have to use a duo fiber brush and great care to wear the one I have), I totally […]

It’s kind of an unpleasant surprise to see this from Dior when their shadows have such a cult following. (I myself have a mixed relationship with them – my undying love for Grege is tempered by my inability to […]

I love that you made this post – it’s great to see some real constructive criticism in the beauty blog world. The thought that goes into your reviews, whether they end up positive or negative, is what keeps me […]

Taking length off my nails is my least favorite, too – I rarely clip unless I have a big break, but even if I do, it’s not any faster than filing because it’s so tedious to get them smoothed out and symmetrical again!

I use eye cream primarily because I get dry patches on my brow bone and next to my outer corners. I couldn’t use a moisturizer with the texture of my eye cream on the rest of my face, but around my eyes, I need […]

That’s impressive – I imagine you have to be very organized about your storage because you need ready access for comparisons! My system is similar to yours in some drawers, with the clear acrylic containers (mine […]

Love the look… hate the removal.

There are some really pretty shades in this line – I’ve only tried Autumn Spice, but I might be picking up a couple more. I actually like that it’s not too scented so that it’s not annoying.

I know what you […]

I’m glad I got this before it sold out – I don’t mind a bit of sheerness (I’m pretty fair and I don’t always have a ton of time for blending), and I’m a sucker for peachy pinks. Almost wish they’d done a […]

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