This blush looks pretty nice translated on skin even though its not very pigmented. The whole look is lovely, Christine!

Oh my goodness, that carbon! I think this is the worst iteration I’ve ever seen.

That’s me right now!

What a beautiful color and texture! I always regret that I can’t easily get my hands on illamasqua products where I am in Canada. :(

Luckily no, but it’s always been a nightmare of mine. Whenever I drop something I feel like my heart flew out of my chest. :(

I am drooling over the packaging!

I love that these lipsticks look “wet.” Perhaps it’s time to give Estee Lauder a look-see.

Overt is so pretty, but I don’t like olive tones on myself personally. :(

I swatched the Mint Julep liner in store and thought it was lovely but felt that it wouldn’t be very practical. This is lovely. Very spring/pastel like. :)

Yes! Full of Joy blush is back! It shall be mine.

Haha, I was drooling most over the bag too :)

How beautiful! I wish Georgio Armani was easier to get in Canada.

Powder never lasts for me. I’ve been using stains exclusively recently, and they last all day. :)

This is so beautiful! My craving for purple is satisfied. For now. But what I really want is something like Mac Full of Joy. I hear it will be coming back soon, though. I hope I can hold out until then. :)

Spectrum looked so festive in the bottle, I’m not sure if I’m happy or disappointed.

Such a beautiful color, and so pigmented. This is not good for my wallet.

Be Fabulous looks lovely on you. I’m loving cool toned any thing.

My Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer! It shattered on the floor and its contents oozed out. I was bummed out for weeks. That was the most expensive single makeup item I had ever gotten. :( I used it really sparingly […]

Be Fabulous lipstick and Tender mineralize gloss looks so amazing. I’m super loving light pink for spring. : )

The highlighter shall be mine! >:]

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