Thanks, Lily!

Yep! They’re decent – not the best ever – but they work and are a little more unique in some ways than other palettes!

I agree! I think they did well with making them fit the themes.

The colors are nice!

There are some pretty shades here!

They are nice!

I’m not sure what the error is there, but we’ll look into it (the output is automatic, so it’s not outputting correctly – something to do with reciprocity I am sure).

Sephora Sunbleached Filter Colorful Eyeshadow Palette

Sephora Sunbleached Filter Colorful Eyeshadow Palette ($32.00 for 0.395 oz.) includes ten eyeshadows, with two being oversized. I liked the palette […]

MAC Obi Orange Lipstick

MAC Obi Orange Lipstick ($16.00 for 0.10 oz.) is described as an “intense clean reddish orange.” It’s a muted, medium orange with warm, reddish undertones and soft gold and pink […]

Totally understand! A few minutes? That is just ridiculous!!

Thanks a lot, Genevieve!

The collection seems very summery!

Agreed — it was disappointing!

Maybe it’ll go on sale!

I wish Tarte would be more consistent!


They usually release a blush palette during the holidays!

lol! I can’t quite remember either, but there may be a few darker shades between those two.

Happy to hear you’re diggin’ them!

So glad I could be helpful, Tami! :) Enjoy your second order!!

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