Becca Flowerchild Mineral Blush

Becca Flowerchild Mineral Blush ($32.00 for 0.20 oz.) is described as a “peachy pink, golden highlights.” It’s a light-medium, rosy pink with warm undertones and a light […]


Cash Back/Rebates
When you join one of the below websites, you can earn cash back on orders made at thousands of retailers.  For example, if you place a $50 order at a retailer with 10% cash back, you’ll […]

Are you ready for Today’s Special Value at QVC? It’s the ghd Eclipse Professional 1″ Styling Iron, which normally retails for $245, but it is available for $179 today only, July 6th!

The ghd Eclipse […]

What is your current morning skincare routine? Share!

Cleanse with a Shiseido foaming cleanser, and then Clindamycin (prescription), Origins A Perfect World.
Thanks to Melanie for today’s question! Do you […]

The sweat will evaporate/dry down (that’s why you see the outlines of the sweat on the tube).

That is actually how I test. If I’m able to, I will wear two neutral palettes so the eyes aren’t like… neons on one, neutrals on the other. I wear one lip product at a time, but I test, remove, test, remove […]

I definitely think $40-45 would be “reasonable” with respect to GA as a brand, lol, maybe not so much to us 😉

They did! Maybe five years ago? It was chalky, dry, and sheer!

Nope, they’re not softer. Bite’s lipsticks actually have a reputation for being more prone to sweating during summer months!

Not to worry :)

I think a warmer berry/plum or even pink would have been a better fit when I look at it, but it’s more orange-y, when there doesn’t seem to be enough to ground it (to me). I would so love to see you rocking the […]

No worries, I have reached the point where I can’t adopt any of the new slang. I don’t mind others using it, but I feel ridiculous if I use it 😉

Honestly, even if they halved the size, it would be a ton of product, and I could get down with the price not even being slashed by 50% (let’s go with the idea of buying in bulk = cheaper by the oz. vs. buying in […]

I reallllyyy wish they’d do half the size and charge less. Even if it wasn’t 50% less!

Hopefully there’ll be one that works for you!

Will do 😀

Thank you, Rashmi!

It is!

Fingers and toes crossed!

I’ve liked a lot of their Colorful Eyeshadow range from what I’ve tried, so I’m hopeful for these!

I don’t think the palette was intended to necessarily give you the look of filters? But were inspired by the colors created by them. I know I use filters for the effect on the saturation/desaturation of colors or […]

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