And I just realized that maybe you were talking about THE ELECTRIC PALETTE FEATURED IN THIS POST (*bangs head against desk*).

It’s just the two: ME910 Electric Magenta and S924 Purple – you can see it says “Fard […]

I believe they are listed on the back of the compact in fine print, but here is a copied version from Sephora:

-Slowburn, Savage, Jilted, and Urban are not intended for immediate eye area.”

And […]

Oooh! You must share some local things you like to do or places to go :) We have contemplated moving to Monterey, but I think I’ll be too cold, lol!

Hope your foot is better!

Very nice Sephora haul(s)!!

How awesome is it that MUFE is doing travel sizes? That’s really cool.

Have fun opening this month’s Birchbox!

I’ll actually test these with primer (and without) this time around, since they aren’t marketed as long-wearing (and they have said they may be prone to creasing on oilier lids — mine are normal). I am curious […]

Done and done! :)

Have a great Sunday dinner :D

We watch a lot of docs! We were watching Life recently but went back to Bourdain for a bit!

What an awesome Sephora haul, Pteetsa!

I’ll have to check out Marron + Haute Chocolate sometime!

You’re doing about 400 more things than I am on the weekend, Nikki! Not boring in the least bit :D

Ahh! Love the Becca Beach Tint Souffles.

What’d you get your mom?!

Rouge Gs!! Such pretty picks.

Best of luck getting your thesis wrapped up! Almost there :)

OH MY GOD, he has never done anything like that, and I’d probably have a heart attack if he did, lol!

The only tip I can think is to apply less or to blot once (it’s so pigmented, it could probably handle blotting once)!

How are you liking the Pro brushes so far, Alice?

Have fun at your brother’s wedding!!

Senso!! Love, love.

I hope you get your replacement soon!

Aw, you’re very sweet! Thank you for your support — it means a lot :) I very much appreciate you reading and checking in so often! Between that and shopping through the links, you’re more than supporting the […]

So glad to hear that you’re happy with the Artist Palette, Rachel! :)

Have a blast at your reopened favorite restaurant!

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