Finally broke down and bought one and I am in absolute love <3 Very moisturising and smooth not sticky!

I like numbers for things like foundation, powder, etc. because its easier to see the shades in my head that way opposed to all the shades having a name ie. Benefit. However for everything else i feel like words […]

I have always loved liquid liners! I feel like the brush tip on a pen design works best for control and cat eyes! Physicians formula in particular makes an excellent one. I feel like the Maybelline one and NYX pen […]

I dropped mine and it cracked everywhere! :( A drugstore shade that is sort of simlair just with a more satin finish is in the Covergirl Exact Eyelights Quad for Brown eyes :)

Try MAC Cleanse Off Oil, work it into your eye makeup dry, then wet down your hands to lather it up, and rinse off :)
Or Clinique’s Take The Day Off, soak a cotton pad and hold it against your eye firmly for 30 […]

Your skin tone/coloring: NC30/NW20
Eyeshadow color you have too many of? Neutrals! Especially shades like sin, virgin, retrospect etc.
Lipstick color you have too many of? Nudes!
Blush color you have too many […]

An Ancient Egyptian themed one! The liners and fun colours they could have!

MUFE 0L has worked the best for me. I use a Q-tip to dry the waterline a little bit, apply a couple swipes of MUFE, and set it with a dark eyeshadow. I also use a translucent powder on my lashline and that seems […]

I love cream blushes or gel like ones because you can mix them together, experiment or wear them over bare skin :) Me and my friend are NC30 and NC20 and we are both huge fans of coral and a kind of plummy […]

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch would be such a great Holiday collection! I feel like MAC could come up with such a cool collection with super extravagant lashes and packaging :)

What would you recommend for someone wanting to venture into the brand? And where do you buy other than online? :)

I actually just finished depotting “Patina” before reading this post! I depot all my MAC eyeshadows, but no other brand because its too much of a hassle sometimes. I tried it with my one NYX Shadow and because I […]

I got the Naked palette when I was first starting out in make-up and it is one of the best gifts I have ever received!
You can use pretty much any brush with these and they still apply and blend out effortlessly. I highly recommend the splurge for beginners!
The only reason why I have tagged it as “fall-out” is because of the shade “Side Car”…[Read more]

I bought this on either the Sephora Black Friday or Boxing Day sale for $10 or something and it is my HG eyeliner! It is so creamy, it works great on the tightline and lashline. It’s easy to sharpen to a bit of a tip so you can create amazing winged eyes.
Many people compare it to the NYX Slide-On eye pencils and although they feel similar in…[Read more]

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