– The reason your skin is flaking off when you use Duac is that you’re not using any moisturizer. Use moisturizer.
– Stop poking/prodding/picking that.
– Go to a makeup counter and get swatched for concealer […]

imho, the best interview makeup 1) shows that you’ve got your shit together well enough that you had time to put makeup on in the morning, and 2) makes you look like someone your interviewer would be happy to […]

Sad to see such an acclaimed blush line accompanied by a mediocre lipstick line.

Soleil de la Mer tanner ($90). “It’s cheaper than skin cancer,” I tell myself.

Second up is Guerlain Les Voilettes ($57) and let me say, I am not pleased at all with how fast I run through that.

The good: blush.

The bad: the world’s most boring eyeshadows.

The ugly: much like “everyone who wants Orgasm/Laguna already has Orgasm/Laguna,” everyone who wants Park Ave. Princess already has Park Ave. Princess.

Blush with a biggest dent: NARS Orgasm.

Currently most used/everyday blush: Tarte Blissful.

MAC is good at bold red/fuchsia lip products, puts no effort into the rest, news at 11.

The only way I can apply crisp liner is to take an old, dried-up liner (Stila Stay All Day) and dip it in a pot of gel liner.

When I use felt liners, they never deposit even, opaque color. When I use brushes […]

A Wet ‘n’ Wild silver-blue metallic eyeshadow in a tube in the early 2000s.

… and that tube of eyeshadow is the first thing I thought of when I saw YSL’s new awful blue metallic eyeshadow.

Exciting! I love Blaquer but I feel like the line is hit or miss, so I’ll definitely wait for reviews before purchasing.

The green and blue seem very dated to me — like, I swear I had Wet ‘n’ Wild versions of those particular colors in a swirl tube in the early 2000s. They’re, mmm, too metallic and mid-saturated to be on trend? […]

Tarte makes great cheek and lip products, but the world’s most boring eyeshadows.

A window for natural light, a three-fold mirror, and illumination along the side of the mirror are key for me. A vanity/seated setup is best because I like to sit while I do my makeup.

I’d actually prefer a […]

So it’s… tinted primer…? Really chunky lip liner? Just lipstick with primer built in?

What a strange name. The colors seem pretty safe/generic, though, so I hope they have the quality of the Cheek Pops.

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Everyone who wants Orgasm and Laguna already has Orgasm and Laguna.

Their Sheer Matte foundation was the worst mid-range foundation I’ve ever worn. It clung to and emphasized every crease or flake; it never […]

I once went drunk river tubing with a girl and flipped her tube. When she surfaced, her makeup was still flawless. She was wearing 100% Estee Lauder.

I shower at night, so Clarisonic with a Neutrogenea benzoyl peroxide wash, followed by Garnier Rescue Gel moisturizer, and prescription products (adapalene and a sulfur lotion).

Makeup low-buy is going strong — seven Colourpop eyeshadows at the start of the year is the only makeup purchase I’ve made — and switching to Garnier moisture gel and Neutrogenea eye makeup remover has kept […]



Hm, I’ve been on the lookout for a set with warm browns and mahoganies and thought this might be a good alternative to the original Chocolate Bar… but a lot of the shades I was interested in this palette doesn’t […]

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