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The good: blush.

The bad: the world’s most boring eyeshadows.

The ugly: much like “everyone who wants Orgasm/Laguna already has Orgasm/Laguna,” everyone who wants Park Ave. Princess already has Park Ave. Princess.

Blush with a biggest dent: NARS Orgasm.

Currently most used/everyday blush: Tarte Blissful.

MAC is good at bold red/fuchsia lip products, puts no effort into the rest, news at 11.

The only way I can apply crisp liner is to take an old, dried-up liner (Stila Stay All Day) and dip it in a pot of gel liner.

When I use felt liners, they never deposit even, opaque color. When I use brushes […]

A Wet ‘n’ Wild silver-blue metallic eyeshadow in a tube in the early 2000s.

… and that tube of eyeshadow is the first thing I thought of when I saw YSL’s new awful blue metallic eyeshadow.

Exciting! I love Blaquer but I feel like the line is hit or miss, so I’ll definitely wait for reviews before purchasing.

The green and blue seem very dated to me — like, I swear I had Wet ‘n’ Wild versions of those particular colors in a swirl tube in the early 2000s. They’re, mmm, too metallic and mid-saturated to be on trend? […]

Tarte makes great cheek and lip products, but the world’s most boring eyeshadows.

A window for natural light, a three-fold mirror, and illumination along the side of the mirror are key for me. A vanity/seated setup is best because I like to sit while I do my makeup.

I’d actually prefer a […]

So it’s… tinted primer…? Really chunky lip liner? Just lipstick with primer built in?

What a strange name. The colors seem pretty safe/generic, though, so I hope they have the quality of the Cheek Pops.

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Everyone who wants Orgasm and Laguna already has Orgasm and Laguna.

Their Sheer Matte foundation was the worst mid-range foundation I’ve ever worn. It clung to and emphasized every crease or flake; it never […]

I once went drunk river tubing with a girl and flipped her tube. When she surfaced, her makeup was still flawless. She was wearing 100% Estee Lauder.

I shower at night, so Clarisonic with a Neutrogenea benzoyl peroxide wash, followed by Garnier Rescue Gel moisturizer, and prescription products (adapalene and a sulfur lotion).

Makeup low-buy is going strong — seven Colourpop eyeshadows at the start of the year is the only makeup purchase I’ve made — and switching to Garnier moisture gel and Neutrogenea eye makeup remover has kept […]



Hm, I’ve been on the lookout for a set with warm browns and mahoganies and thought this might be a good alternative to the original Chocolate Bar… but a lot of the shades I was interested in this palette doesn’t […]

Houglass ambient lighting palette + Tarte Natural Beauty.

Dot on and blend with a finger, do the rest of my make-up, come back and blend with one of the Sephora house brand concealer brushes.

Heck yes!

I need to lay the groundwork for “being sick” the next two days, so I cut foundation and under-eye concealer out of my routine, then applied Tarte Natural Beauty lightly all over my face. I still […]

After years of trying various stuff, I’ve finally got a routine that works for me: wash with a wash cloth in the morning, cleanse with 1% salicylic acid face wash at night in the shower, apply lowest-strength […]

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