I want all these. I love liquid highlighters, and these are stunning! <3

Wish A Wink of Pink was a little more opaque – that would have been STUNNING! <3

Hard.to.resist. But, must. Such a pretty palette! <3

I want them all! I know, Veruca Salt much? 😛

Hmm, so far, I love Ofra Cosmetics and LASplash! Ofra is EXTREMELY comfortable, while LASplash has the lasting power (even though I cannot stand the scent of it!). :)

It’s funny that not long ago there were NO purple lipsticks by drugstore brands, and I’m SO glad to see them coming out with them like this! Vibrant Violet looks gorgeous! I like the pinks, but they’re not right […]

Tulle attracted my eye IMMEDIATELY when I saw the preview on Instagram! I can’t wait for these to release. I am a liquid lipstick JUNKIE. 😀

Such a beautiful palette with gorgeous packaging (as per usual)! I love the eye look you created. I think I’m leaning for the smoky palette, though! <3

I love Besame! Their applicator is so ideal to me! <3

Wow, these are beautiful! <3

The look you created is ridiculously gorgeous! I want a few of these, but I’m trying to be a little practical. :'(

Aw, some are sheer where I expected them to be opaque. The opaque ones are pretty, though!! <3

Those eyeshadows!!!!! ::Home Alone Face::

And, I’m LOVING the eye look! SOOOO GORGEOUS! <3

Wow, these are SO pretty! <3

Wow at Coral Confession. I love the pearl in it – so much dimension! <3

Your skin looks SO glowy! Love Touch of Spice! Have that one and it’s gorgeous! :)

OMG, I need Velvet! It looks AMAZING on you! <3

JUST got this the other day! I’m so excited over it – swatched it in Ulta and knew I had to have it. 😀

Gorgeous! This is on my to-buy list!

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