Ooooh!!! These are more gorgeous than I expected! <3

Another blush I must have! Gorgeous on you! <3

I really liked Ayesha! Totally reminds me of Easter! <3

Oh my, I need all of these! <3

I really want this blush badly!! It’s been sitting on my wishlist for months. I should just break down and buy it. It’s gorgeous on you!! <3

I think I need the new version of Bow & Arrow. The one I have is very drying, and I’m loving the new formula! <3

Love it on you! Really contours naturally, even with a color like that! <3

Ohhh!! I love these both! <3

So exciting! She was such a talented star! Great way to tribute her memory! <3

I want more than a couple of these!! <3

Ooh, I quite like it, actually! It’s probably a nice change from the lip balm I use (on off days) anyway! :)

I love the Evian one I use. I even use it while running. 😀

Temper looks kind of unique, but I see there are definitely shades out there like it! Bad Blood makes me get Taylor Swift’s number stuck in my head! 😀 I like these 3, though, and I might have to cave. 😐

How stinkin’ adorable are these?! They look like pretty, little cookies! :)

Absolutely loving 1993! <3

They look awesome on you, Christine! <3

Pasiphae looks gorgeous! In my mind, I thought it was going to be a lot darker, but I actually am loving how it looks! <3

I think I do need these. :( Haha!

I love brown-tone reds! This is absolutely beautiful! Reminds me of a shade my grandma would wear. :)

This is stunning! I would totally use this as a highlighter! <3

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