How does Bittersweet compare to Vintage Grape? I love this one and I need it badly! <3 Looks awesome on you, Christine! <3

OMG, don’t you love those stuffed Peeps (versus the real thing)?! Mellan is SO cute with his little Peep! ;)

I love, love, love metallic lipsticks, and I’ve been dying to see you post about these. I like all 3 of these and they should be joining my collection soon! <3

Ohhh! I like this set more after seeing swatches! :)

Nice, I have some lying around at home, and I really have no other uses for it. I’m definitely gonna try this! :)

I ADORE Glisten & Glow (White Peach Sangria) and KBShimmer’s (Peppermint and Chai Tea) Cuticle Oils. They both have amazing applicators, so you don’t have to touch the oil, and they smell really, really great. <3

Beautiful! This would be a great base and brow highlighter for me! <3

Wish they had this when the eyeshadow palette for Marsala was out. But, I guess, $10 for the WHOLE year? Not bad at all. :)

This palette would be my go-to! It has so many awesome shades! <3

This is PERFECTION!! I am IN LOVE! <3

*SWOON* Those eyeshadows and Crazy Fuchsia!! <3

Absolutely beautiful!! <3

Oh yaaassss! This and the blush will be mine!! <3

Oh, man, the Indian in me wants to buy just to have MAC Indian goods since I missed Manish Arora long time ago. I kinda wish there were lipsticks in this. :(

I’m so excited to see your review on these! :)

Oh my goodness, Audace is PERFECTION! <3

This palette looks fantastic! I really enjoy tarte! <3

Oh, wow, these are gorgeous! I see a few I like! ;)

I put this in my cart MANY times but never pulling the trigger because I feel like I have ENOUGH palettes, but this one is too pretty to resist. Too bad it didn’t apply like the Pro 1 & 2s.

I love this set, too! Unbelievable! <3 Can you believe I don't have a single MAC pigment?! Might have to change that soon, huh? :)

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