Love Empowered and Heavenly! <3

A-Go-Go is WOW! Amazing! on you, Christine! <3

Rose Harpers, Darling, and 999 are my favorites! I really need these!! <3

OMG, Fall in Love looks AMAZING! <3

Ohhhh, these look GORGEOUS on you! <3 I love Blossom Bright! <3

Ensoleille is GORGEOUS! The packaging is pretty modern chic, too! :)

I definitely see a few that need to come home to Mama, but there’s no rush since they’re permanent! 😀

Instigator looks like it has been reformulated! So, I need that and Antique Velvet for sure! <3

Whirl and Persistence will have to be mine!! <3

I have the same “envy” as you, Christine! Bubblegum pinks are just so cute, sassy and feminine, and I just wish I could pull them off, but they just don’t go with my skintone.

Studded Kiss and D is for Danger are BEAUTIFUL on you!! I missed Studded Kiss (or I passed it) and am so glad it’s here to stay! :)

Oh, my! Men Love Mystery shall be mine. :)

*Throws wallet at ColourPop* Seriously!! I have ANOTHER cart FILLED with their goodies, and I’m just trying to cut it down, but I just cannot. They seriously have me #addicted!

Ooooh, Boba looks AMAZING! <3

YEEEESSSSS! I love these. :)

I think I need Fruit Stand. I love how it looks on you, as do the others! <3

This is stunning on you! I just received this the other day. Can’t wait to play with it. :)

Wow, I usually don’t like sheer lip colors, but these are AMAZING! <3

I really need this!!!!! <3

SO glad I got this! <3

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