Purple Rain gotta love that 80’s makeup.

Can we get a picture with your face its kind of hard to see if
I like the color with just your lips in the picture.

There goes may No New Makeup vow. Ugh! Okay how about I only get ONE, now I feel a little better.

This looks like I can easily go from work to night on the town.

The hourglass blush set! Is a must have for me.

I hate it when I forget to use Ebates! I Think I’ve gotten $25 back so far. After the holidays I should get alot more. I do all my shopping online.

It’s all I can wear. I have oily eyes. So I love it!

Pablo and Xavier look great. Now if I get Nars lipsticks I will have boys and Girls.

Yes. I will try to get some of the MAC limited collection blushes( Hello Kitty, Simpsons) because you can pop out the blushes and put in the ones you want.

Any of the pinks and purples they are so pretty!

An Eyelash curler and any of the little brushes or sponge applicators that come with some makeup.

I could wear this everyday there is enough of a variety. This could go with many looks.

The Chroma Color Eye Palette looks great. I’d like to try that one first.

I would buy X-Mas gifts.

$19.33 for each blush ($58) Oh yeah I want it.

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