Now I want ice cream, dammit 😀 Do they have different flavours of doggy ice cream? Like… steak? Or…bone? Or Shoe? 😀

Haul: Tom Ford Stavros! <3 Finally :-) Thanks to the kindness of Sunny for helping me […]


(that was the sound of a Rogue falling off her perch in the shadows, after having a squee-attack at being presented not only with a chartreuse, a turquoise and a phenomenal purple, but also a fabulous eye […]

Well, one rather expects it to, but in practice it’s much more of a mixed bag! I think, in individual situations, it’s *frequently* true, such as the rather nebulous concept of ‘shimmer’, but even that is a […]

Rosewood and Hazelnut <3 If I get through another lipstick sometime soon, I may be able to add Rosewood to my list of 'lipsticks to finally get now' 😉

LOL, this was more or less my line of thought! I was envisioning some as maybe nice for eyeshadow (I’m not really a shimmer blush person), and then I made a HNNGH noise when I got to Panic.. 😀


…possibly an ancient pan of Revlon cream foundation that I used to use for dance? I’m trying to work my way towards a couple of other pans at the moment, but mostly I ‘hit tube’!

The blush is a pretty colour, but it totally got overshadowed for my by the AMAZING EYE MAKEUP 😀

Hooray for purple!! ^_^ Sometimes I just want to dive into the MUFE shadows. As though they were a swimming pool. And I were some sort of makeup-based Scrooge McDuck (without the tightfistedness). 😀

O_O Wow!

I’m impressed, Bite! Hopefully the reformulated one is better, hehe! 😉 (I’m sure it will be).

Thepackaging looks gorgeous, and the price is tempting me to contrive a way to get one all the way down here, but I’m not sure about the colours – promo images are so tricky!! I’d love to know what you think of it […]

I changed my hair colour relatively drastically when I was about 17 or 18 – dyed it from dark blonde to super dark, red-tinted brown. People loved it, and I thought it was much cooler than my natural hair colour, […]

This is actually a genuine question from a contouring n00b: how many people would actually find all of these shades useful in one palette? Obviously it’ll be great for some, but I can’t help but feel they should […]

*flail* W00t! I love this so much, Christine! This is the reason I still have a part of me that wants to get that Laura Mercier watercolour palette – the muted, misty spring colours as opposed to the more […]

I really love both of the colours – but I’m not sure I’d ever use the pale one on my cheeks! O_O Maybe as an eyeshadow though – it’s such a nice colour.

The hot pink is lovely as well, although I think I’ll […]

II I love the lower lashline combo here!! >_< I really need to do more on the lower lash line…I avoid it for some reason, and I don't know why… (well, I avoid the centre of it). 😀

I like the colour […]

Is it maybe a thinner layer in the pan? I don’t have either the old or the new for comparison, so it could be a trick of the photo, but if the layer of product is wider/flatter/thinner over a larger area, then […]

My skin is drier than the Gobi. As such, I feel a bit useless here, but I have heard my glowier-skinned counterparts rave about Dior’s pore perfecting one?

Haha, and I see a few of them in the comments here! ^_^

Interesting… so when they say the formula has been revamped… how do these compare to previous ones for you, Christine? I ask because my Rouge Coco Charme (#40) is one of my favourite lipsticks of all time, and […]

…um, some of the Jane Austen adaptation movies (or any historical novel adaptation movies really) – just seeing how ‘natural’ they go, and what they use to achieve the effect.

I’ve always had a soft spot for […]

I love the fact that this collection went rogue, both figuratively and chromatically! Having said that, there isn’t anything I’d RUSH to get, although the cream colour is probably the pick of the collection!

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