I often go bare-faced for regular errands, but if I’m going to a nicer store or a place that sells cosmetics (especially Sephora), I always put on at least a little makeup. The SAs will flat-out ignore me if I’m […]

I have the orangey bronze one. The formula is great–not powdery and very smooth. The duochrome makes it look like you used more than one shadow. It’s a bold color, not for everyday, but I like it a lot. Great with blue eyes!

I think there’s a mistake in your captions above. It looks like the photos for Love Beam are captioned as Fresh & Frisky.

I’m trying to broaden my horizons and try brighter lipsticks, so I’d love to attempt to rock Pleasure Bomb!

Some of my favorites in there–Purity Made Simple, Exfolikate, Fresh Sugar. But I’d be most excited for the T3 dryer!

This looks like the perfect Carolina blue. I’ve been trying to find the perfect one for nearly a decade, but this might finally be it!

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