I have always had a problem with almost all lip glosses (MAC is by far the worst) and some types of lipstick (especially those with a thicker formula) leaving a seriously unattractive white ring around the inside […]

Looks lovely on you! How does it compare to MAC’s In a Heartbeat (l/s from the Divine Desire Quite Coral set)? That’s the one l/s I’ve been wanting to find forever, but ebay prices for the set are completely outrageous!

Practice and experimentation for sure, but…. occasionally I get stuck in a rut using the same 20 or 30 looks in rotation. When that happens, I find it inspirational to take a look at palettes. I usually go to […]

When I first started getting into makeup, I would apply thick black eyeliner all the way around my eyes. I’d do it no matter the time of day, where I was going, or what other makeup I was wearing. One day I was in […]

Definitely on-line. It has it’s drawbacks such as not being able to try things out in person, but I don’t deal well with pushy cosmetic sales associates…. and I have met very few that I wouldn’t group into that […]

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