Oh that’s interesting! I didn’t realize that they had a formula change. I noticed that as demand goes up for items, sometimes quality starts to diminish–this is particularly true for eyeshadows, though it is […]

I’m glad to hears yours performed well. Only a few of my shades are smooth and silky; most of them are just dry and firmly pressed, so I can barely pick up pigment from them, especially the bottom row. I’m going […]

Hi Christine! I think you got the first two palette names mixed up. The image and description is of the metal palette, but the title is for the matte palette. 😉

I’m glad I’m not the only one whose matte palette does not swatch entirely impressively. Sure, there are a few good shades, but half of my palette is rather dry and stiff and doesn’t blend well, especially the […]

Oh, I will have to check Mac’s version out because it’s one of the colours I was gravitated towards with this palette. Thanks for the suggestion!

Sigh, my thoughts exactly, except my Malted Milk ball is not as easy to work; I get a lot of fall out despite tapping my brush and working in thin layers. Plus, I made the mistake of swatching it with my fingers […]

These are nice! I’ve been purchasing way too much cosmetics lately at very high prices, so it’s nice to see quality products and creative colors at this lower price point. It certainly makes sticking to a budget […]

This is an excellent post, Christine! I can’t thank you enough for going into detail about different storage options and the various pros and cons. This comes at a good time for me, because while I have an Ikea […]

London looks lovely, if a bit warm, but I rarely find that Le Metier’s promo images match up to the actual colors of the products. As someone who is used to buying luxury cosmetics, the price is steep even for […]

I like them both! These are my kind of highlighters. I usually reach for the pinkish toned ones. Yay!

These are nice, but I think the strong rose scent would annoy me after a while. I have a foundation of hers, and the fragrance bugs me every time because it lingers for hours!

On a side note, your eyes are fun […]

Oh that’s too bad! The funny thing is, Tom Ford’s cream shadows do that for me: there is ever so faint a crease within the first couple of hours, and then it just stops and wears like iron the rest of the day. […]

Wow, the packaging on this is quite beautiful! The colours, while not all that unique, are well put together, so I’ll be interested in seeing reviews. I love that MAC does collaborations with artists from around the world!

Nice, but all i could see was your eyes. I love the look on you! :)

Some of these look pretty good, but some also look fairly patchy or light in pigmentation unless you build it up. I was hoping Violet Femme would be more violet, but it’s almost a mauve tone. :(

Pink Sunrise is awesome! It’s a perfect soft neutral pink with a hint of mauve on my NC10 complexion. The colour builds up very well for stronger pigmentation if needed. Coral Sunset is really nice as well, but […]

The blushes are pretty. I played with them in person and the colors are pretty bright when you layer them. The star of the collection is definitely the blushes. The Amber palette is permanent and, though safe […]

Oh! That’s too bad that this palette can’t really create a complete eye look. I do like it for its lighter rosy peach neutrals, as it looks very soft and feminine, but I most likely have similar shades somewhere […]

Still, I think it’s a pass for me. It’s super glowy on you! :)

Phew! That is good to know! If it’s too dewy for you, it’ll definitely be way too dewy for me. The original formula is too matte for me, so I was hoping this would be the solution. Thanks for the quick […]

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