Nice, but all i could see was your eyes. I love the look on you! :)

Some of these look pretty good, but some also look fairly patchy or light in pigmentation unless you build it up. I was hoping Violet Femme would be more violet, but it’s almost a mauve tone. :(

Pink Sunrise is awesome! It’s a perfect soft neutral pink with a hint of mauve on my NC10 complexion. The colour builds up very well for stronger pigmentation if needed. Coral Sunset is really nice as well, but […]

The blushes are pretty. I played with them in person and the colors are pretty bright when you layer them. The star of the collection is definitely the blushes. The Amber palette is permanent and, though safe […]

Oh! That’s too bad that this palette can’t really create a complete eye look. I do like it for its lighter rosy peach neutrals, as it looks very soft and feminine, but I most likely have similar shades somewhere […]

Still, I think it’s a pass for me. It’s super glowy on you! :)

Phew! That is good to know! If it’s too dewy for you, it’ll definitely be way too dewy for me. The original formula is too matte for me, so I was hoping this would be the solution. Thanks for the quick […]

Wow, I do love how the colors of the eye shadows combine. I wasn’t expecting the red and grey to produce a pretty lavender-ish tone.

Surprisingly, Squint looks lovely as as cheek colour on you despite being […]

Well that’s a real shame! I am pretty picky about my blush finishes, so I will check this out in stores. :)

Hi Christine,

You listed both shadows as bouffant in your write-up! I think you meant for the second one to be yogurt! :)

This blush looks very pretty and soft on you! I’m just about out of my Immortal Flower, so maybe this will be a good replacement!

Thanks for rolling out swatches so quickly! It’s crazy that you have three […]

Nice set of colours. The coral looks great on your cheeks, but your eyes! I am liking the shades you used and thought for a second that these were the Colour Pop. Bummer, because Le Metier is so much more expensive! :)

Very pretty colour! I don’t wear silver often, so I’m not sure if I am going to get this given how expensive these are. Hmm, decisions, decisions!

I know! It’s very weird. When I swatched Stone, it looked a bit more yellow, so the differences might show up on your skintone, but seeming as I’m fair, they’re all just creamy yellow on me.
I do think the […]

Well that’s good to know! I was considering purchasing Stockholm myself. If you don’t mind my asking, what was wrong with them?

Hi Christine,

Just wanted to mention that Stone in the new formula is supposed to be the exact same colour as Trench. The SA said some colours changed a bit, but they just renamed Trench. I know the texture […]

Yes, same here! I’m really disappointed in them. The texture is what irritates me the most, though: dry and sort of sooty on.

I forgot to mention, using it over primer didn’t help much either!

Sadly, I was totally sucked in by the scales and the promise of duochrome. LOL! I don’t actually own any Sephora eyeshadows, but I have tested them out several times in store so I should have known better. […]

Your review is spot on, Christine! I was just going to to post my review on Sephora until I saw yours. I would essentially be repeating everything you wrote.

No, these are hardly duochrome, except for […]

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