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Completely patriotic !! Crystals, glitter, ombré, polka dots !!

I found a pic of Katie Holmes, love these bangs ! Chopped about 7 inches off ! Ummm save on shampoo ? 🙂

Mary posted a look to Dior Sea Foam 3 years ago

Really wanted to match my eye color to my shadow exactly, love this palette !

Mary posted a look to Cotton Candy 3 years ago

This was my first try at water marbling.. Ummmm this is not easy! The hardest part is getting the polish to spread evenly and if it doesn’t it ends up looking not so good. Ultra messy also. That being said, I got more compliments on this look than any of my others !

Mary posted a look to Ombré, tribal 3 years ago

Used a light and dark pink for my sponge ombré then add some tribal little designs to a couple of nails. I’m completely random with my accents nails!

Mary posted a look to Tribal Live 3 years ago

Did these nails for my Disney World trip, I was lucky enough to stay at the Animal Kingdom Resort and I totally went with it !