Clinique, especially their skincare always reminds me of my mum.

Ooh, I’m really excited for the rest of your reviews of these! These three (especially Pink Ruby, wow), look gorgeous but I personally find bright glosses too high maintenance for myself.

Not really into glittery lipstick, and these look a bit opaque for gloss, but wow swatches look gorgeous! Smoky Topaz and Amber are the ones I’m particularly interested in for myself.

Ah, I already have too many neutrals, but this palette is so, so tempting.

Great to see you review this! Colour wise, it’s very possibly my favourite polish ever, but I haven’t had great luck with the formula myself. It’s also a pain to get ahold in the UK of as it’s a US exclusive shade […]

These holiday lists are really helpful, thanks!

I think teal eyeliner on the lower lash line is definitely your thing!
I don’t think I have a signature look myself, as I tend to go very “natural” (as I am a wimp), but I do have some go to products that I often […]

Oh, I may have to give in to Bronze Khaki.

This set looks so tempting, but I tried Rosegold before and it looked hideous on me (looks great on you though!), so I doubt most of this set would work for me except maybe cocoa.

Again, these are so gorgeous. Maybe it’s the sheen/shimmer, but there’s just something that sets them apart a lot of standard orange/reds.

All these rouge g swatches are so gorgeous just to look at! So far there’s not any one that makes me want to splurge for it though (it’s have to be one I’d feel comfortable wearing every/any day). I wish Galante […]

It’s a pretty standard neutral palette, but there’s something about the colour selection I like.
Wish the quality was better though.

Oh I actually really like this colour – I think it’d be a great easy everyday kind of blush on me. Probably hold out, at least for now though – really don’t need another blush.

Oh, I actually really like the shade selection in this set! Not sure if the quality is worth the price tag though.

Not sure if I’d wear Iberico and Yu, but I don’t have dupes for them, and I think I like this set a lot as a whole!

Estee Lauder Sensuous Rose

Clinique Curviest Caramel. I’m looking for something slightly more orange/brown though.

I usually avoid shimmer in lipstick, but femme fleur is really pretty! I wish the Maple Kiss dupe was available in the UK.

Haul: Clinique Curviest Caramel – which is probably the closest thing I have to my natural lip colour, though it pulls a bit pinker than my lips – I like the formula so it’ll probably be one of my go to everyday […]

Definitely not getting this, but I love the colour of three apples. Good to know some dupes for it though – I think I like the two MUFA shades the best, but they’re a pain to get in the UK.

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