Laura Mercier’s Oil Free primer seems to fly under the radar, but it’s my HG. It works great with liquid foundation (Urban Decay Naked Skin is what I use) and is definitely good for my oily skin.

How would you say Brills compares to MAC St. Germain?

I was on the fence, but I am skipping this one. I have a lot of these shades or similar in other palettes. I like the original, but I don’t need anything darker and/or warmer.

Benefit Erase Paste works so well for my undereye circles. I love it!

It seems like several of the holiday collections are of lower quality, at least from your reviews. I remember you said the same thing about the Benefit blush palette and one of the Urban Decay palettes (I think […]

NARS Orgasm :)

I have 4 of these colors, all except Dandelion and Hoola. I didn’t like Dandelion when I had it and Hoola is too orange for me, so this is an easy pass. I can’t believe how different Coralista is in the palette! I […]

Definitely the Laura Mercier holiday palette from 2012!

I did not get the Vice 3 purposely because I wanted the MEGA Pro more. Only 5 more days!!

I love them. I know a lot of people find them unsanitary, but honestly, it’s not that big of a deal to me. I don’t like how, when they’re almost empty, it’s harder to get the product out.

I’m definitely taking advantage of this to get the NYX Macaron lipsticks. The Ulta stores near me never have them in stock, and I was only able to grab the Rose one about 2 months ago. Yay!

I think I would use the Chroma color first. It looks like it would work well using it wet, and I’m just branching out with doing looks with wet shadows.

Ooh, I like this one!

Most definitely Urban Decay! I use their foundation, plus the zillions of palettes they put out. Second would be MAC (lipsticks) and Benefit.

Maybelline Full & Soft mascara. I heard so much about it and I finally decided to try it. It’s my new HG!

Too warm for me, I think.

They’re often really hard for me to blend into my skin. Benefit Watt’s Up is easier to handle, but I prefer liquid or powder highlighters and contour products because for me, they are easier to blend.

Your skin tone/coloring: Fairest of them all, cool
Best brand for lipstick? MAC for high-end, Maybelline for drugstore
Best brand for eyeshadow? Urban Decay for high-end, NYX for drugstore
Best brand for […]

I completely destroyed by first Naked Basics when I depotted it, so I will be picking this up!

MAC Pink Nouveau is definitely my go-to. It looks good with warm or cool eye looks, and is also professional enough for job interviews or work meetings.

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