Definitely L’Occitane shea butter cuticle cream is by far the best I’ve used!!!!

The only one I really understand is Sephora, and I love it. I have been shopping at Ulta for over 10 years and have yet to get a “reward” better than the $3.50 coupon.

with my fingertips, just tap tap tap tap so i don’t disturb the foundation underneath

They used to have it at Sephora but I usually just buy it from Stila’s web site or or amazon

I wish everyone would try the Stila Hair Refresher. best dry shampoo, hands down. and it lasts for months and months!

from Caroline Hirons – do not use foaming/surfectant cleansers and use an acid exfoliating toner. Totally changed my skin.

straight, curly, wavy, beachy? all passing trends? what else is there?

no way! what’s the point?

skincare yes, makeup rarely! only mascara and foundation. I can remember finishing ONE blush in my entire life. ONE.

pink pink pink! like benefit dandelion or tarte dollface

Benefit High Beam and Sun Beam!


never ever. forget the fact that it’s not good for your skin, how can anyone stand getting makeup all over their pillow??

i’ve never worn red lipstick and i never will

it’s bumming me out that most of these are orangey

I can’t stand lipstick…it just looks so fake

something clean and fresh like Philosophy Pure Grace or Living Grace

I could never go to sleep with makeup on…forget about what it does to your skin…i can’t stand the thought of foundation all over my pillow and mascara all over my sleep mask – ew!

same makeup i work to work that day…just stayed home like always

Putting on toners, facial mists and moisturizers! after that, blush

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