The OG beautyblender, i tried the real techniques version but it’s a terrible knockoff

jellyfish! so pretty

holy crap, all of these look beautiful on you! love the finish

i was seriously debating his brushes over hakuhodo but ended up buying hakuhodo (and i fell in love)

i still want to buy wayne’s one day though!

This is so gorgeous!

I was like whatever about this set until this post :( darnit! lol

My sister tried to teach me but it didn’t work because we have different eye shapes.. and then i found the world of beauty gurus in 2011..

is it weird i was staring at the product photos for a good minute? haha

ooooh i honestly love all of these

i’ve been seeing comments that some people’s orders haven’t shipped either! I guess the blush release was pretty epic for them!

What a pretty look! I need to try their eyeshadows soon!! only tried their lipstick so far but I love them.

will you be trying their blushes? they look amazing

Awwwwww he looks so cute with that bowtie!

Haul: me and my mom got 2 of the liquid lipsticks from la splash they have colors that are harry potter named and i was sold

Weekend plans: relax because this week […]

i love this, would be great for contouring! it looks good on you

holy… i love all 3 of these

haha you enabler!! 😉

darn, i only bought lipsticks from when I saw your swatches, but I need to try their shadows as well how gorgeous

it was hard! i stopped going on youtube and reading blogs so i wouldn’t get tempted haha

ooh!! all 3 are pretty

Haul: After not buying makeup in like 4 months my sister let me get stuff from bh and coastal scents from their cyber monday sales! got 5 palettes total

Weekend plans: finish up 2 papers… almost done this […]

He is one lion i wouldn’t mind cuddling with! what a cutie

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