Three words, ladies. Black. Lip. Liner! Hope is not lost for Beetle and Black, so don’t despair. It’s way more comfortable than using eyeliner–trust me–and yes, it does exist lol. I still want Beetle, because […]

Stila to start! I’ve never really seen a product that jumps out at me, and I don’t like their Lip Glazes nor do I understand the hype around Kitten. Clinique is the same way, I can’t name a product I’ve actually […]

Pie and Home, for all your retina-searing needs. :D

I see some wonderful pale and bubblegum-y pinks I might have to grab. I wish they had a straight-up lavender.

Okay, not the only one who found this ran just a little warm. Was the top layer crusty, in the compact? I swatched it in Ulta, with the little tester pan and it seems seriously hard but I figured because it was […]

Roadstripe to highlight, Anonymous on the lid, Backdoor in the crease/outer corner with Laced as transition/to blend out Backdoor and maybe just a little bit of Last Sin patted on the center of the lid for some […]

So brighter than OCC’s Pretty Boy (my go-to “bright” pink because I am crazy picky bright pinks!) but the finish is pretty cool. I’d have to go swatch it and see it what I think then lol. Maybe I can find it at […]

Eye Candy doesn’t have a letter grade? XD Whoops

This looks at least decent in the short video on her site. I’ll wait to see it in store before I pass judgment, since Sephora promo pics leave something to be desired :P

I think I’ll just dupe Stavros. Scouring NYX before I head for Sebastian, which I’ve been eyeballing because it’s weird yet *flattering* like Melt’s Space Cake! I’m going to have more weird lipsticks than I know […]

I saw this on Instagram (with kind of poor lighting lol!) and I panicked that it would replace Chrysalis. Good to see its Limited Edition and know that I don’t want it.XD Pretty, but I just don’t care that much […]

I looked through MUFE’s selections of eyeliners/shadows last night and nothing is quite as blindingly green ;) I didn’t think of checking Inglot, but the closest to Sourpuss is AMC Gel in 85. Now I just need to […]

There are NO liner dupes for Sourpuss?! D: Aw man. The stiff/bunching issues keeps me back, that tends to irritate my lids quickly as I try to get a decent,smooth line. I also can’t use the majority of liquid […]

I don’t… I don’t know what that even is. What do you call that? That’s not even eyeshadow! That looks like stuff I’d use for DIY to add texture/a wash of color. Someone who works on the KVD palettes is going to […]

My list is staying short, yay! The palette doesn’t speak to me (or even grab at me, screaming “BUY ME!”), not even one shade. It seems just a little bit chaotic. The two blues look a little similar, one being […]

Why can’t Faint be a permanent shade?! I love 24/7 liners for filling in my brows (especially the weird colors) since it doesn’t matte the hairs against the skin and make me crazy. Vacancy is extremely reminiscent […]

Okay. Tacky packaging aside (I find it ugly, personally, after V2 being so pretty with the orchids and Vice being so simple), I love the colors. Goodbye Shadow Box, I’ll see you never. I can use these shades. I […]

Christine, you did it again. You put Moonshadow down as Evidence in the swatches lol.

I’m wondering if this could work better with a creamy white base (and Too Faced’s Glitter Glue for Bordello). I don’t have […]

I’ll try with a stippling brush first for sure! Even if it fails as blush, I still have a glowy purple eyeshadow to go with Sugarpill Poison Plum :P I wanted the original 92, since it’s cooler than PP but this is […]

Interesting blush. You get a highlight without highlighting to boot! I wonder if it could work applied with a stippling brush? I’m so pale, the only way to not go overboard is with a stippling brush. I’ll have to […]

It seems everyone else has a lot of crossover in their palettes.XD I don’t personally since I only own 3 UD palettes. Is it just me or is Freelove similar to Freebird being a pinky-coral with gold shimmer/glitter […]

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