NO. I find it disappointing that none of my friends or family love makeup the way I do. I have two sisters and they rarely wear any makeup except on special occasions. My friends or family have never seen […]

I would love this color palette, but without the matte lipstick. πŸ˜‰

Yes! Enough with the matte lipsticks! Hate them.

A collection or palette with really unique eyeshadows. The same browns and neutrals are getting a little boring. I love grays, blacks, jewel tones (beautiful deep blues, greens, purples). No glitter, […]

Yes…me too! I have never understood the whole nude lip/makeup thing. If I want to look like I’m not wearing any makeup, I just wont wear any lol. I look so sick in nude lipstick. I gotta have my pinks […]

Bronzer….any kind or any brand

Definitely Chanel….lipsticks, several Glossimer lip glosses (Constellation is my favorite and I’ve repurchased 3 times), blush, and eyeshadow quads.

I use LancΓ΄me Renergie foundation, which comes with a pump. I only have to use one pump of foundation, which I “dot” all over my face, then I spread and blend it with a damp disposable sponge wedge.

OPI Princesses Rule. A light, shimmery pink. My absolute favorite.

Mint. Can’t stand it.

I’d love a pencil liner, self-sharpening that has staying power but also something that won’t dry too fast before you have a chance to blend it or blurr the line to make a smokey eye. I haven’t found one like this yet.

It’s just as I suspected. Boring red, low-quality nail polish. I think Mr. Louboutin should stick to making shoes. πŸ˜‰ I’d much rather my $10 OPI.

I’m an OPI girl. My two favorites are Princesses Rule and Happy Anniversary. I’ve repurchased both of these several times. I also love Cha Ching Cherry for my toes. πŸ˜€ Butter London also makes great […]

To begin with, I love the look you did! I’m going to try that one for our next evening out. πŸ˜€ I love #4 and #5 blended with #2 and using a winged eyeliner. I’ve worn #1 by itself for a simple, intense […]

I already purchased this palette and I absolutely LOVE it!!! I’ve never bought a Dior quint because I never liked any of the colors. They were all either too light or too sparkly. I literally gasped when I […]

I used to use Crest Whitestrips and they did a great job…until I noticed that they don’t whiten BETWEEN my teeth. Ugh. Long story short, I was so glad I found Listerine Pre-Brush Whitening Rinse. I love […]

Roses De Chloe…LOVE LOVE this fragrance. It’s just a clean, feminine scent with a hint of rose…it’s perfect. I was also wearing Marc Jacobs Daisy orginal scent. I wore that one for years. The body […]

Natural light. I put on my makeup in the bathroom window using a magnified mirror. I still try to use natural light for evening makeup….I’ll just use deeper shades and apply differently. I love using […]

My niece got married in April she asked me to do her makeup for her. I was very pleased with the result and others commented on it someone suggested I do another bride for her wedding….BUT….I was very […]

I use cream blush in winter when my skin is a little more dry. My favorite formula is Bobbi Brown. I really don’t hate anything about it except that I can’t use it in summer because it just slide all over […]

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