Must try Touch of Spice. I hope I can get a hold of it, since it seems to have generated more than it’s fair share of positive comments. I have a very hard time pulling off Nudes &/or muted shades, I’m NC20, I […]

Good to know Christine. I was waiting to see if were going to review these, as I know how excited you were to get the Clinique Blushes on your cheeks (very much looking forward to the round up on those & hoping […]

Thanks for the clarification Lamy, it’s great to get information on products from someone who works for Guerlain. I’m assuming (& yes, I know what they say about assumptions) that Guerlain has provided you with […]

Thank you Michelle for asking this because even though I’ve done a fair share of research & swatching before buying (what a concept, lol) I still couldn’t figure out what the purpose of these were but I’ve come to […]

I’m so excited about this! The promo pic is sick & if these look anywhere as good as those I’m in big, big trouble. I’ve been trying to keep my MU habit down to a minimum & have not been keeping up with MAC […]

My thoughts exactly ladies. It will be very interesting to see these IRL!

Thirty dollars worth? I dunno…it’s another shade that I feel ‘been there, done that’ doesn’t help the over the last year we’ve been flooded with bright pinks. Personally, I’d rather spend it on a NARS Audacious […]

I don’t want to offend anyone. This is just my personal opinion. I find this to be hideous looking in the swatch picture. Luckily, the yellow isn’t really what comes across on your FOTD, honestly I can’t really […]

Why even bother MAC? IMO, I don’t see one that looks unique. There isn’t one that I see that is a must have or something that I’ll have Skipper’s Remorse over. For $23 I’ll buy one of the lippies from their new lippie line.

It’s okay, as I was shocked to stumble upon Chanel’s Jersey at Neiman’s when I only went there to purchase TF’s Deeper- literally 20 min. & a few hundred $s of retail therapy later, I’m not running short on […]

I think I could find a few things in this collection…Looks beautiful. Love the promo picture. She looks beautiful. Love the holiday collections so I can get RED LIPPIES (like I need any more…)! I hope all the […]

I was hoping that Tarte would come out with a new blush palette for the holiday’s this year, because last year’s is great. IMO, I’m not impressed in the least by this year’s blush palette. A couple of the blushes […]

Very cute comment, lol. I agree that the ITA is a very good brush for countouring, but I don’t feel like it’s my HG countourung brush. I’d love to find ‘the one’.

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