I love all 3! My wallet doesn’t.

I love the Gravitas palette! I wear mine almost everyday. I use the gold on the lid, the light brown in the crease, and the dark brown or grey to smoke it out a little. Sorry, can’t remember the names of the […]

This was the only HG I was considering buying. I know it didn’t get high marks, but I love the look you created. You would never know you struggled with this palette! I’ll have to really think about this one now. Hmmmm

Butter London Yummy Mummy. I needed a color that wouldn’t look wrecked after working the Black Thursday/Friday weekend and it’s one of my favorite nude colors.

I saw this at the counter the other day and passed on it. As much as I love it, I don’t see me using it enough to justify the cost. And I have a bazillion highlighters from MAC, though admittedly none are close in […]

I would use the Chroma palette first as I’m all about the eyes!

I would use the gift card to get a skincare regimen going. My face is currently in limbo – one day my skin is dry, then oily…it’s driving me crazy!!

$50? I’m starting to notice a trend with this price point and I’m not happy. :(

What makeup look/trend, that at the time you loved, you now look back on with horror when you see pictures? For me, it was the 90’s trend of brown liner with nude lipstick! LOL

I would use the gift card to get skincare as I have enough makeup for 100 lifetimes!!! I use all the skincare samples I get from various places (I order wayyyy too much makeup online!) but I’m feeling like I need […]

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