I bought this 8 drawer, 2 foot tall, acrylic organizer on eBay 4 years ago and they’re still for sale. It’s the best thing ever! And it was $150. The bottom drawer is deep enough for nail polishes, but I use it […]

MAC Apr├Ęs Chic is my favorite lipstick ever and I’m on my last tube of it. I’ll be so sad when I’m out of it for good. i bought this tube from someone in the Netherlands!! That’s how much I love it!! The closest […]

I love all 3! My wallet doesn’t.

I love the Gravitas palette! I wear mine almost everyday. I use the gold on the lid, the light brown in the crease, and the dark brown or grey to smoke it out a little. Sorry, can’t remember the names of the […]

This was the only HG I was considering buying. I know it didn’t get high marks, but I love the look you created. You would never know you struggled with this palette! I’ll have to really think about this one now. Hmmmm

Butter London Yummy Mummy. I needed a color that wouldn’t look wrecked after working the Black Thursday/Friday weekend and it’s one of my favorite nude colors.

I saw this at the counter the other day and passed on it. As much as I love it, I don’t see me using it enough to justify the cost. And I have a bazillion highlighters from MAC, though admittedly none are close in […]

I would use the Chroma palette first as I’m all about the eyes!

I would use the gift card to get a skincare regimen going. My face is currently in limbo – one day my skin is dry, then oily…it’s driving me crazy!!

$50? I’m starting to notice a trend with this price point and I’m not happy. :(

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