I wish these were generally socially acceptable; I would totally wear them then. I am just not a rebel.

#293 is strikingly gorgeous. That’s the type of color I would wear even if I wasn’t going anywhere, just to have something so pretty to look at when passing a mirror. Not a bad price, either, considering how it […]

Marquise reminds me of OPI Jinx.

I think Good Taste and So Good are the two that appeal to me the most, and they look amazing on you. The lip glasses aren’t even a blip on my radar because 1. I’m more of a lipstick girl, and 2. it seems like an […]

Gorgeous colors. I feel like hardly anyone would look to see if all of the colors were eye-safe, since it looks like just an eyeshadow palette, not a multiples palette.

#24 looks like it would be great to have as a highlight/browbone/blending shade. However, for the price, I might stick with Wet ‘n’ Wild Brulee.

Thanks, Christine. This sale is still going on, and I picked up a few beauties.

Those were the two that stood out to me, too–gorgeous! I think Particuliere is more brown and more gray than Tulum, from what I’ve seen.

Either BB cream or concealer. I’m not sure if I could run out of anything else in my lifetime.

I love the packaging. The molded Minnie on the lipstick is super cute, too, but won’t look cute for long as you use it.

The blue looks very pretty on you. I’m always surprised when high-end brands include sponge applicators with their eyeshadows.

My favorite teal eyeshadow is MAC Odalisque.

Mascara, still love it.

I think those colors look very nice on you and they seem to blend very well.

I think it would probably be awesome layered over a more wearable color.

I didn’t have good results with Nars Smudgeproof. Urban Decay Primer Potion is the right one for me.

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