Ha! You’re awesome. 😀

I can’t help it – I often default to a classic, neutral matte eye look. It’s what looks best on me, IMO. However… The pretty yet plain canvas this creates begs to be sliced up with some *colour*… Ooh, and […]

Christine, I don’t know how you do it! Once again I find myself looking at a product only to have an alert saying “Temptalia reviews…” And there’s the product I’ve been looking at! :) Of course, I also often […]

Yay, I’m a Rouge! Boo, I’m also Canadian… Sigh. I realize nothing is going to pass the border and move along in 2 days only buuuut… Could they not speed it up a little?
They made improvements to our shipping […]

I hear that! SO frustrating, but I gather it has to do with the huge duty on perfumes… Still, you’d think they could figure a way around it by now!

I was lucky enough to pick-up the last couple of sampler […]

The Too Faced looks perfect for daily wear with subtle but buildable colours… The MUFE kit would be ideal for my new for at into bolder colours and ideal for a night out or a party! Super fun to play with!!

Hi, Daisy,
Just FYI – the Sephora site crashed last night and was down for *hours* – happened just before and during the start of the big VIB/Rouge sale! Argh!
It had been fixed in the early hours our time if […]

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