I would pair these with neutral eyeshadow and a peachy lip.

I love Bossa Blue, so I would wear that one first!

As they are so pigmented I would tone down the rest of the face and let them be the stars.

I would wear Sweet and Sour with natural makeup!

Tablets! They can do pretty much anything a desktop can do, but are much more portable.

I’d do a purple and blue eye and keep the rest of the face neutral.

I’d use the Rainy Season quad to do a smokey eye, then pair it with Imperial Light!

Black Dahlia! So sultry.

As a makeup newbie, I only own one blush… So far! I would love to add an orangey one to my small collection. My favourite is Honey Jasmine, and I would wear it with a simple brown smokey eye, and a neutral lip!

I would wear RiRi Woo with a winged black liner! It’s such a great shade of red.

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