I’d use it to try something completely different! I usually do a nude eye, and this would be a great way to try something new!

Those Urban Decay lipsticks look amazing!

The shadows are smokey, you say? OMG, I cannot wait for the entire review. This may end up being my go-to for night out.

Jane! That color is just stunning.

Gold Rain is definitely up my alley (and yes, sheer is one of my go-to’s). Thank you for the clear, concise review!

I need a high SPF tinted moisturizer STAT!

Ooh, the smokey honey is great…and so is that lip!

My absolute favorite beauty tip: Wear sunscreen no matter the weather!

I really want to treat myself to a few things from Sephora after all of the Hanukkah madness. Definitely the one I’m most excited about!

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