For some reason I cringed at the matte highlight swatch, it looked terribly yellow, and patchy

I cant find bella bamba in stores recently and was told its discontinued :(

I lost MAC’s Kelly Yum Yum like a month after I got it :'(

Oh gosh I still have the old school quickie blush.

Australia has targets!?!? =o

OMG Rapture looks beautiful, kind of like NARS Sin with less shimmer

Because fluctuation, everything is bound to go up in 2 years.

NARS is definitely one of my favorite makeup brands, they have a bit of something for everyone. Their foundations have an excellent colour range, the eyeshadow singles and duos have worked well for me.

Rant: […]

I’m pretty sure Nordstrom ships to Canada

For some reason clutch is really popping out at me, I also like trickery

You can still buy Tarina Tarintino makeup on her website

I’m so surprised with Grand Pumpkin, it looks beautiful.

I don’t like warm tones at all, it’s all dependant on skin tone in regards to what you’ll personally prefer. I don’t think warm or cool toned shadows are going anywhere and I think they should be provided equally.

Me: Oh this is so pretty, it’s probably expensive. I think I would still buy it if it was $50 something.
*scroll up, see $80*
Alright, nope.

Take your makeup off and moisturize your face before bed.

The only product that has ever broken me out (and terribly) was Garnier BB cream, and I really liked it. I haven’t been able to find another BB cream that had good coverage but was super luminous.

You should try out Yazi lipsticks, they have an awesome blue one. I bought some from her at NYC IMATS. :)

I only wear one for my undereyes, very rarely do I need one for my face.

None of these excite me :

I would say cream eyeshadow, pencil eyeliners and bronzer, I own too many of each.

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