Your reviews are my go-to, especially if I’m at the store and I see something new and interesting. I automatically google “product X temptalia”. I love that you have a clear and structured system to grade […]

Now, this is the Naked for me!

They don’t last very long on me. I definitely have to reapply after eating. But the lip tars come in a tiny plastic pouch which contains a small brush, so it’s easy to toss the whole thing in my purse.

One of their key features that distinguishes them from other brands is that you can mix the lip tars to create your own color. That wouldn’t be possible, or at least it would be much harder, if they were in a lipstick form.

Seriously, how can you pull off green lips?! You must be some sort of alien! 😀

I’ve always had problems with these. The colors are pretty, but the packaging sucks big time. I bought a few through the years and all of them stopped twisting after a couple of uses. If I can’t use the product, […]

Inglot and Makup Geek.

Considering the cost, I would go for the Ikea 9 drawers Alex instead.

They had Illamasqua and dropped it. They also carry OCC.

Not a fan of their reward system either. I never care for the gifts. I wish I could earn a discount instead (like they do in Europe).

I already ordered these and I can’t wait to get them. MUG is quickly becoming my favorite brand. I love their shadows, blushes and their gel liners are the only ones I use now.

Gosh, I do not miss MAC. I used to love it, but I gave it up a few years ago when they started selling to China and I never looked back. I feel like most of their products don’t perform well enough and I was only […]

Your hair looks amazing like this! I almost didn’t notice the lipstick because I couldn’t take my eyes off your hair. 😀

Custom. With pre-made I always end up with a ton of neutrals which look all the same and I rarely use.

These look so good on you! They set very badly into every line in my lips. I moisturize and scrub my lips regularly, but it doesn’t help with these. I also use a base. Any suggestion? I love the colors and they feel good on.

It’s still not working for me. I’m a VIB rouge and I’m logged in, but it keeps telling me I need to be logged in for the code to apply. I thought they would have fixed this by now. :(

Ooops, found! 😀

I want dasher! I can’t find it on the website though. :/

Waaaaaant! 😀

That tangerine color looks amazing on you!

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