Inglot and Makup Geek.

Considering the cost, I would go for the Ikea 9 drawers Alex instead.

They had Illamasqua and dropped it. They also carry OCC.

Not a fan of their reward system either. I never care for the gifts. I wish I could earn a discount instead (like they do in Europe).

I already ordered these and I can’t wait to get them. MUG is quickly becoming my favorite brand. I love their shadows, blushes and their gel liners are the only ones I use now.

Gosh, I do not miss MAC. I used to love it, but I gave it up a few years ago when they started selling to China and I never looked back. I feel like most of their products don’t perform well enough and I was only […]

Your hair looks amazing like this! I almost didn’t notice the lipstick because I couldn’t take my eyes off your hair. 😀

Custom. With pre-made I always end up with a ton of neutrals which look all the same and I rarely use.

These look so good on you! They set very badly into every line in my lips. I moisturize and scrub my lips regularly, but it doesn’t help with these. I also use a base. Any suggestion? I love the colors and they feel good on.

It’s still not working for me. I’m a VIB rouge and I’m logged in, but it keeps telling me I need to be logged in for the code to apply. I thought they would have fixed this by now. :(

Ooops, found! 😀

I want dasher! I can’t find it on the website though. :/

Waaaaaant! 😀

That tangerine color looks amazing on you!

Wow, that’s dedication! How’s your face not red? Do you reapply a bit of foundation in between swatches?

These better be awful because there are too many that I like. 😛

Yes, thank you for keeping us from wasting money. I never buy anything without checking your reviews first. My google search even knows to automatically add temptalia at the end when I’m typing up “product x […]

A lot of people won’t agree with me, but I feel that MAC is generally way too overhyped.

Yep, I like Ulta’s system better. I can get what I want instead of what they offer at Sephora.

Yes, I agree on the return policy. Ulta is awesome in that way as well, if you’re lucky to have one close by.
I have currently something like 4000 points at Sephora. A couple of times I got something I thought […]

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