Gosh, I do not miss MAC. I used to love it, but I gave it up a few years ago when they started selling to China and I never looked back. I feel like most of their products don’t perform well enough and I was only […]

Your hair looks amazing like this! I almost didn’t notice the lipstick because I couldn’t take my eyes off your hair. :D

Custom. With pre-made I always end up with a ton of neutrals which look all the same and I rarely use.

These look so good on you! They set very badly into every line in my lips. I moisturize and scrub my lips regularly, but it doesn’t help with these. I also use a base. Any suggestion? I love the colors and they feel good on.

It’s still not working for me. I’m a VIB rouge and I’m logged in, but it keeps telling me I need to be logged in for the code to apply. I thought they would have fixed this by now. :(

Ooops, found! :D

I want dasher! I can’t find it on the website though. :/

Waaaaaant! :D

That tangerine color looks amazing on you!

Wow, that’s dedication! How’s your face not red? Do you reapply a bit of foundation in between swatches?

These better be awful because there are too many that I like. :P

Yes, thank you for keeping us from wasting money. I never buy anything without checking your reviews first. My google search even knows to automatically add temptalia at the end when I’m typing up “product x […]

A lot of people won’t agree with me, but I feel that MAC is generally way too overhyped.

Yep, I like Ulta’s system better. I can get what I want instead of what they offer at Sephora.

Yes, I agree on the return policy. Ulta is awesome in that way as well, if you’re lucky to have one close by.
I have currently something like 4000 points at Sephora. A couple of times I got something I thought […]

I like Ulta for that reason and Sephora in Europe. In the US, I don’t care for S’s reward system. I generally don’t care for the items you can get with the points and I would rather get discounts instead.

Seriously, do they not swatch and test their own products at least a bit before putting them on the market? :O

Not usually. I just clean up under my left eye because, over time, my lashes tend to stamp my cheek.

Wow, those colors look amazing on you. You really rock this look, too bad the products aren’t great.

Maybe we could use the bottles for self defense? That would make the price look almost cheap. :D

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