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This palette is so incredibly awesome! I was kind of unsure about it because there were a bunch of neutrals (I have both Naked 1 and 2 so I’m pretty set on neutrals) and some colors that I didn’t think I’d use but I’m so glad I bought it. The colors are all stunning–Prank, which sheers out really easily, is the only one I’m not in love with–and…[Read more]

I’m really annoyed that this foundation didn’t work for me 🙁 I’m giving it three stars because lord, it looked beautiful. It made my skin tone even out and did a good job at hiding some of my old acne scars and redness. I loved the semi-matte finish, which had just enough luminosity to make my skin glow.

Unfortunately, that’s where my praise…[Read more]

I got this on sale from Urban Decay’s website because I thought it would work great to help darken some lipsticks I have (particularly MAC’s Rebel). While it works great for that purpose, it’s definitely not very wearable on its own, as it makes my lips look oddly gray: it’s not opaque enough to turn my lips black but not sheer enough to just…[Read more]


I’m only just getting into high-end makeup and had basically thought that paying 15 bucks for a MAC lipstick was expensive enough. However, Urban Decay hasn’t let me down yet so I figured I’d try out these new lipsticks. I got this color and F-Bomb (which might be my new HG red lipstick because holy WOW, it’s such…[Read more]