I totally, totally agree. Especially because some of the “blushes” in the MUFE range really don’t look like they would be unsafe for eyes (I think there’s some peachy colors that I was surprised to see be […]

That’s nice to hear at least! But like, they’re not set aside at all so at first glance, they’re all eyeshadows. I wouldn’t have had a problem if they were set apart so they were more clearly blushes. I agree that […]

I’m just not a fan about how these are compiled :/ I think they could use more mattes (I mean, at least one in each!) and I really don’t like that they put two non eye safe ones in the Electric palette. Like the […]

Omg Druzy looks terrible…

I hate that everything from TF now has the cocoa powder in it. When I used their chocolate bronzer years ago it broke me out like no other (and the breakouts continued in that area for way afterward) and I really […]

haha figures after I woke up at 4am to grab it the first time it launched! I’m glad they’re doing this though as the initial launch was incredibly messed up and I know a lot of people got their orders randomly […]

I love the lipstick! It looks bright and fun–perfect for spring and summer–and I love that it looks really pigmented. The lipgloss on it’s own looks a little too sheer for me and I’ve never been huge on layering […]

Definitely getting Ether and Cosmic. I’ve been hoping for a darker purple in this line forever 😀 I’ve found that Pixie Epoxy does a great job with adhering more of the glitter to the lid and sometimes it helps […]

Ahhhhhhh I need all the new ones! I adore the Moondust shadows. I use them with Pixie Epoxy and it helps keep the glitter one.

Some of these are from 2013–is this a list of the most visited reviews for this year no matter when they were originally posted? (lol not criticizing, just confused–I love these lists!)

Haul: Urban Decay Vice LTD and Naked On The Run!
Weekend Plans: Doing a little shopping with a friend I think! I need to go to Lush and Ulta among other places.
Do you prefer watching a movie or a TV show?: […]

Some of these look quite nice for the price! I’m excited to see the reviews 😀

Also, very random, but I hate the term lippie. Something about it irritates me lol

I hold my judgment until a review comes because Kat’s line has been really messy lately in terms of quality.

Did you manage to snare Vice LTD Christine? It’s already sold out but I would still love to see some swatches to whet my appetite before mine arrives at my door 😀

On topic, I think that MAC Lightscapade shows […]

Gosh, that sucks! I’m waking up at 4am ET to try and snag one because the swatches I HAVE seen look impressive but it’s odd that they didn’t send out some for reviews/testing beforehand. You would think that […]

A lot of this line looks really dupable to me.

Side note: but I’m guessing you didn’t get the UD Vice LTD palette before launch, Christine? I was hoping they might have snuck you one for a review before […]

It just seems like a ridiculous choice to me to get followers on Snapchat or something. I feel like they’d get so much more excitement releasing it normally like Ulta did. I haven’t shopped at Sephora in a while […]

I’m really irritated that Sephora decided to release theirs via Snapchat and in bits and pieces–especially because I haven’t gotten any of the ones they’ve sent. I like to pre-plan farther ahead than this :/

Yeah…I’ll be waking up for this! Some of those colors are gorgeous and I’m excited that they included vaporize again.

Welp…I think I need this. Stun is GORGEOUS.

That blush looks nothing near “naked” though. Holy pigment, Batman.

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