Hopefully it performs better than her last holiday palette. The packaging is gorgeous but looks very unwieldy if it just slides out like that. I’ll be interested to see whether the brights are eye safe too!

To me After Dark looks exactly like a matte version of Jilted (down to the blue/violet pearl) and I am all over that! And I’m so glad that these are long-wearing and not drying. Can’t wait for the rest of the […]

AHHHHHHHHHH I’m going to need so many of these.

Pink sugar looks a lot like Viva Glam Nicki 1!

But they didn’t seem to have their payoff effected as much as the ones in palettes

It’s odd to me that it seems to mainly affect their palettes.

At least it seems like the textures on this palette were more workable than naked smoky? I could see this being a great starter for UD newbies.

I think you the titles switched between matte and metal!

Also, I totally get and appreciate why you don’t swatch with primers but I’ve always thought that, when it comes to something like this where there seems to be a big difference with how the shadows perform with […]

Hmmmm I’ll probably wait to swatch it in store then. I didn’t mind the Vice 3 palette but I always use primer since I have crazy oily eyelids. It is odd that the texture in their palettes has become so different […]

Haha my issue with contouring is that soooooooo many people overdo it and Kardashian style contouring doesn’t look good in real life. Plus so many of them are too warm toned and light leaning for a lot of people […]

Hmmmm some of these I adore, some of them look slightly unimpressive (whiskey :/). I’ll probably wait for a review before buying it. Still liking the compilation color wise of this more than Smoked. I’d probably […]

Ha! I went to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in NYC over memorial day weekend and made a color very similar to that one! They must have stolen my idea 😉

No, that’s a fair point. I prefer the current eyeshadow formula over the previous one but I can definitely understand feeling frustrated with the shift with UD towards neutrals when I comes to their eyeshadow […]

Haha sorry! I guess I was thrown off by you saying “pretend it’s sexy” which came off as kind of dissing smoky eyes! I definitely agree that UD isn’t the only company making smoky eye palettes but I don’t mind […]

You might not wear smoky eyes, but keep in mind that a lot of people do and that this might be a good fit for them. Different strokes for different folks.

I totally, totally agree. Especially because some of the “blushes” in the MUFE range really don’t look like they would be unsafe for eyes (I think there’s some peachy colors that I was surprised to see be […]

That’s nice to hear at least! But like, they’re not set aside at all so at first glance, they’re all eyeshadows. I wouldn’t have had a problem if they were set apart so they were more clearly blushes. I agree that […]

I’m just not a fan about how these are compiled :/ I think they could use more mattes (I mean, at least one in each!) and I really don’t like that they put two non eye safe ones in the Electric palette. Like the […]

Omg Druzy looks terrible…

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