Christine, if you haven’t already, I hope you do get a chance to pick up Garnet. It’s gorgeous!

Illamasqua Hemlock. It’s the edgy version of the pearly white colors my grandmother wears because they really do make pale hands look lovely. The formula is so smooth, and the green shift makes me feel like an evil fairy!

I am! They have a great mix of slightly unusual shades. I would love to see Urban Decay do something similar with blush.

In warmer months, I love Illamasqua Tremble- a light but bright pinky-coral. In cooler months, I like Illamasqua Thrust (with a light hand, of course). It’s a vibrant cool-toned plum. Deep plums are […]

I prefer a glamorous natural look- a pretty highlighter, a fresh blush, brown winged eyeliner and lots of mascara. Something that makes me look awake and healthy but also like an adult. Of course, this also […]

I really wish UD would come out with a full line of blushes, rather than these lackluster compacts that are mostly orange-y bronzer. They have so much potential for fun, unusual colors!

I’ve mostly been using High Beam. Boring, I know, but almost everything else is too dark for me! I’ve been thinking about trying out one of the Becca ones, though.

I never understood the point of liquid highlighters, either, until this winter my normally reasonable skin decided to hit me with a bewildering mix of extreme dryness and acne. Mixing highlighter into my […]

As someone who also has a hard time with these super warm, bronze colors, I’d highly recommend Naked 2. I still can’t really pull off Half Baked or Chopper, but the rest of the colors are really lovely and don’t […]

How does this compare to the Supersaturated Gloss pencil in Naked? Color and texture-wise?

-Your skin tone/coloring: Very fair, neutral.
-Last beauty product you finished? Stila eyeshadow in Chinois- it’s a matte that matches my skin color reasonably well, so I use it almost every day for […]

I’ve been alternating between Illamasqua Thrust and Tremble, with Nyx Taupe as a contour. I was planning to hold off on using Tremble until spring, but I can’t resist it!

I love UD Bust. It’s a gorgeous medium taupe with gray and lavender undertones, and unlike super shiny Mushroom, is an actual satin- really just enough so to blend nicely. It’s one of my favorite daytime crease […]

This year, I did a cool green smokey eye, mostly using Stila Sage from the In the Garden palette, UD Damaged from Vice 2, and UD Apathy 24/7 liner, paired with a muted pink lip and slightly sculpted cheeks.

I like the size and layout of the 12 pan Naked palettes, but I’d like the design to be a bit more delicate and sophisticated. I’d do a very light beige (matte), a silver-beige (frost), a pink champagne (frost), a […]

Yes, I wish they would come out with a palette that is actually cool! I like pink in general, and I love Laced, although I usually balance it out with something cooler, like Sin or Verve. So slightly warm is […]

Christine, would you say Naked 3 is cooler or warmer than Naked 2? I think the lighter tones here might work well for me, since I’m very fair, but warm, ruddy shades like Chopper make me look dead (although I’d […]

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