I love the luminous effect it has! But I get a crazy oily T-zone in the summer and somewhat dry skin in the winter…I don’t know if I’ll get much use out of it since summers here are 9 months long :( . Is there […]

Would wear Rimal Dahabia as a smokey/grungy eye look for sure. The colours would look great against my skin!

Aw man, this sucks :( . It had all the right shades for me, I lack khakhi taupey colours in my makeup and was hoping this would be a great quad. Anyone know of any other palette that has such colours? They don’t […]

I love Time to Tango. Would wear it on its own with a dark mauve-y gel liner in the water line, thinly on the lash line and lots of mascara with a pale pink lip.

Sweet Samba is definitely my favourite of the bunch. I’d wear it quite lightly though to give a relatively natural look and wear a purpley-pink lipstick along with a light dusting of grey shadow on the eyes and a cat liner.

Ahhh so many MAC lipsticks!! *_* I don’t own even one. I’m a bold lip lover so I’d definitely wear Neon Orange with a flawless skin and some mascara. Definitely want attention on the lips 😀

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