THANK YOU so much for posting the info about the repromotes in the cream/powder combos. I have been on the verge of ordering the ‘peach’ combo but I already have pink haze and the photos that I saw prior to yours […]

Hi Christine! Just curious if anybody has reported problem visiting your site lately–every single time I come to temptalia using firefox, the page freezes and I get a message that a script is stuck and would I […]

My blush was switched as well–I ordered Sunset Beach but ONLY because the MAC site said they were sold out of Ocean City—I was pleasantly surprised to receive Ocean City yesterday. I didn’t even notice the […]

Thank you for the article! Wow–I had no idea of the level of misogyny represented in Guy Bourdin’s work. I did a little reading on my own after reading your post and while I guess I can understand how Nars the […]

I guess for me it’s less about a specific fragrance, it’s just anything really strong, like whatever they use in Amore Pacific, Lancome, and those Physicians Formula ‘Sexy booster’ blushes–instant headache with […]

Sandy is loving Hazel 2 years ago

Sandy is loving Dior 2 years ago

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