Have never liked lip brushes, ever. I find them awkward, frustrating & pretty much useless. If a lipstick requires the effort of being applied with a lip brush, I simply won’t buy the lipstick, especially ones in […]

This one is definitely better than the lighter shade, but I’m still not a fan. I usually love everything on you Christine, but not these 2 bronzers. Sorry :-(

That being said, I can’t imagine that they would […]

Wow….what in the…..not a fan of this one at all. The shade is just all wrong. The price is also a tad ridiculous considering I bought a Clarins LE bronzer a few weeks back or so and paid approximately the same […]

Viseart palettes are the one thing I regret not picking up when I was at IMATS this year :-( I spent a lot of time swatching at their booth, though LOL They are very nice eyeshadows, but as you said, the swatching […]

Love these shades! May have to finally pick some MJ lip products, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. These look like the perfect shades for my skin tone.

I dunno…..I just bought a blush palette from Smashbox about a month ago & am not at all impressed with it. Really disappointing because I was very excited after swatching it in-store. Very pigmented, gorgeous […]

Wow! Definitely a brand I’m going to try! The shipping is worth it if anybody orders multiple products, as long as it’s flat rate and doesn’t increase as you fill your cart. Just checked their website and their […]

That’s gorgeous and looks great on you! I love this brand’s lip products! Every one I’ve bought gets used. Great formula and unsurpassed pigmentation, without staining the bejeezus out of my lips.

*wet raspberry* I can’t help but view MAC as a joke with the incessant flops they continue to pump out like horny rabbits. No pride left in this company that I can see, sadly, because I’m old enough to remember […]

It would be great if they came out with 4-5 different contouring palettes, one each for very light to the deepest skin tones!

Spectacular price, especially with a full-sized brush! Would love to see the ingredients :-) I like this a lot more than the Kat Von D contouring palette. It’s laid out far better, much nicer looking and has a ton […]

These are really nice blushes that are worth the price & definitely wear well, as you said. I’ve got 2 and really love them. This shade also is warm on my skin tone, despite the appearance in the pan. I hope IT […]

I picked up one of these on a whim quite a while ago & was surprised how much I loved it. If I ever find it again, I will definitely be wearing it! :-)

Yes, they have a gel-like formula, kind of a cooling […]

Sticking my nose in here, but Lise Watier eyeshadow palettes aren’t bad at all, especially compared to UD. They’re much smoother & I’ve found them to be very pigmented overall. This brand’s cream/mousse blushes in […]

This is the perfect question for me…..my list is a top ten, in no particular order, however. My disgust with these products is equal across the board. Sorry that I couldn’t stick to just one! :-)

1) Urban […]

Where are these available? Haven’t seen them anywhere, including online. Would love to try some of their products! I’ve seen a lot of your swatches in several posts & the company really seems to put out great […]

Oh jeezuz, I’m sorry :$ I honestly thought your eyes were bothering you from applying/removing products so often. I really apologize.

Christine, please don’t take my comment as being negative towards you because my intentions are in no way negative. I apologize in advance if this comes across the wrong way. As always, your swatches & photos are […]

Oh my lord, this brand seems like it can do no wrong! Gorgeous, absolutely everything! This is precisely why I have zero patience with brands which keep releasing utter crap at premium prices. This is a great […]

Definitely Peacekeeper lip balm. I just picked it up out of a discount bin at our local pharmacy because it was about $2 & the ingredients were great. Best lip balm ever, no lanolin *gag*, no petroleum byproducts, […]

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