I have Bella Mandarin, ordered it online just to try the formula out, and completely agree with Christine. It deserves an A rating. It’s absolutely gorgeous and applies & wears really well. Definitely one of the […]

LOL Surely they were all well-beyond wasted at the MAC offices when they came up with these ‘duos’! They would’ve made perfect sense to release on April Fools Day :-)

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I’m shocked that all of these blushes in this collection didn’t get a big fat F because when I swatched them in-store, they were worse-than-the-worst cheap, dollar store blushes made in China. I’m not kidding. […]

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This looks like some kind of BDSM sex toy! LMFAO Right up there with Sigma’s ridiculous brush washing glove. Definitely won’t be picking this up, at least not for combing my lashes! LOL

I’ll stick with my […]

I love the texture, pigmentation and ingredients of all of the Bite lip products I’ve tried so far. Not one has let me down, which is really saying a lot. I’ll definitely be buying more this year, probably […]

Oh my lord…..I LOVE THIS SHADE! It looks like a blackened brown/green color to me. Unfortunately for me, I can’t find Tom Ford in my city. If I could, this would be a daily go-to product for me, especially with […]

Unfortunately, I bought this blush – in addition to the sucky Chanel eyeshadow palette I got – about a week ago. Can’t say I’m impressed. The texture just seems ‘off’ compared to my other Chanel blushes. It also […]

I bought this quad and am incredibly unhappy with it, even though this combo of shades is gorgeous. The quality just isn’t there. I much prefer the other shadow formula Chanel manufactures, with the square pans. […]

I love the formula of these lipsticks, but I have to say that Too Faced’s are even better….not to mention cheaper. I’ve got several shades of this formula but will be buying Too Faced’s lipsticks from now on as […]

Tried these and hated them, along with a few other Chanel spring collection pieces I made the mistake of purchasing. They were so hard & stiff I had a very difficult time even getting a swatch of them. The […]

I bought the blush palette last night & then freaked out when I got it home & saw Laguna & Albatross underneath. Obviously I hadn’t seen this post yet :-)

I swear, I hate those 2 products. Why not put the […]

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I swatched this palette last night & really liked it, which is very odd because I’m no huge fan of NARS. In fact, I normally don’t like any of their regular eyeshadow formulas…..or foundations…..or […]

Saw this palette last night…..for a whopping $90. Hell no. I bought a few singles & know I don’t like them near enough to be shelling out $100 after taxes. Got myself a limited edition Chanel blush & eyeshadow […]

These are gorgeous! I’ve got a few others, but not in these shades. I really like Bite’s formula. It’s so pigmented and lasts quite a long time on my lips, without drying them out.

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WOW! So glad I didn’t purchase this palette! This is what I would call an authentic piece of poo…..so disappointing compared to her other palettes which I’ve bought & love.

What I’ve always had an intense dislike for are Chanel’s lip glosses. They’ve got to be some of the worst I’ve ever used. Even worse than the crappiest drugstore brands, I swear. After seeing these swatches, I’ll […]

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The only one I’m really loving is Unimaginable. The rest have been done to death, unfortunately. And, unfortunately for me, Sephora no longer carries Lorac where I live. Love their eyeshadow palettes!

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I love some of the MUFE shadows as blushes. My favorite so far is Watermelon, and I intend to get more very soon. Their new formula is amazing! Definitely purchased a sh*tload of blushes in 2014, including […]

I purchased several MUG pigments – at least 6 – and can’t say I’m impressed with any of them, although I do love her eyeshadows. I’ll be giving those pigments away to my closest friend since I haven’t used them […]

LOVE Slate Pink & Crystalline Papaya. Haven’t been makeup shopping in months because I’ve been feeling like crap all winter this year, so this is motivation to get my arse out of the house!

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