Where are these available? Haven’t seen them anywhere, including online. Would love to try some of their products! I’ve seen a lot of your swatches in several posts & the company really seems to put out great […]

Oh jeezuz, I’m sorry :$ I honestly thought your eyes were bothering you from applying/removing products so often. I really apologize.

Christine, please don’t take my comment as being negative towards you because my intentions are in no way negative. I apologize in advance if this comes across the wrong way. As always, your swatches & photos are […]

Oh my lord, this brand seems like it can do no wrong! Gorgeous, absolutely everything! This is precisely why I have zero patience with brands which keep releasing utter crap at premium prices. This is a great […]

Definitely Peacekeeper lip balm. I just picked it up out of a discount bin at our local pharmacy because it was about $2 & the ingredients were great. Best lip balm ever, no lanolin *gag*, no petroleum byproducts, […]

I actually like this better than the other Tarte palette for summer, whatever the name is. Seems great for a neutral traveling palette. I’ve got Glisten in a Tarte blush palette, so I could easily take that […]

I’ve been looking at all of the reviews for these blushes & love them! I wouldn’t wear this specific shade but would definitely buy at least half of all the ones available. And only $8! Amazing! Thanks for the […]

I like this a lot more than I expected to, surprisingly. I like the highlight shades especially, which I usually find too frosty/gold. The brown shades look much warmer in the pan than I was expecting as well. I’m […]

Bummer. I was looking forward to Tarte’s summer collection. This really bites the big one, other than the two blushes. Those I like. The bronzer looks great on you but the swatch makes me shudder LOL

I’m loving NYX Butter Glosses right now, a lot. They’re exactly the same feeling formula as Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors, which I bought quite a few of before discovering this. Gorgeous glossy […]

Shirley Manson would be amazing! Would love to see RuPaul work with MAC again. Even some of the winners of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Somebody mentioned David Lynch, definitely. ROB ZOMBIE!! Now THAT would be a wild […]

No offense to you, but I always feel like flipping Urban Decay the bird every time they come out with a new collection. I’m going to pay attention to other companies this year just to see if the rest jump on the […]

This product got me hunting through my stash right away because it triggered something in my memory…..lo & behold, I found a cream blush I bought last year which is so incredibly similar to this – Joe Fresh […]

I’m in love with this but hesitated because of the price. However, I just checked my MUF, Bobbi Brown & Chanel cream blushes & they ALL hold significantly less product than this blush. Nearly half this amount, in […]

Wow, that is stunningly gorgeous! First product I’ve seen from any of the summer collections that I’m very likely going to buy. It looks amazing on you! I was hesitant after seeing the swatches due to the […]

The thing I don’t like about this palette is the honking huge pans along the top. And no, I’m not OCD. I just think it looks incredibly ugly. Same reason I don’t like the layout of the Too Faced palettes. I hope […]

The Balm definitely hold back on the talc. I’ve got several of their blushes/bronzers/palettes & none contain talc. I tend to avoid it – and cornstarch & kaolin – in face powders. Cornstarch can be an absolute […]

Now that I’m looking at my screen in different lighting, it doesn’t look so bad….looks great on you. But I’ve got a million blushes that are very close to this, if not identical, so I’m passing on these. Urban […]

Another one that isn’t wowing me at all. Why bother releasing such a poorly pigmented blush, especially in a new collection? I’d rather spend my hard-earned cash on a big, wet fart. At least that would be somewhat […]

Wow…..that’s seriously disappointing once swatched! Not at all what I would’ve expected. Thanks for saving me even more cash :-)

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