Your skin tone/coloring: light/fair, warm
Your go-to cleanser right now? cerave
Your go-to makeup remover right now? I don’t really use one but when I do it’s bioderma. Coconut oil and/or vaseline for anything […]

I have the MUFE one and don’t use it regularly but when I do it’s under, not over, makeup. It makes a really solid primer that works well to extend makeup, but because it’s so sticky it can be harder to blend […]

Some version of very neutral. I don’t really like eyeshadow or lipstick for day. So usually it’s foundation, concealer, powder, brows (shadow and clear gel), tightline with black on my upper lashline, mascara, […]

Wayne Goss 2 has quickly become one of my favorite brushes ever, even though I wasn’t sure if I wanted it at first. I use it mostly for really precise setting powder application, but wish I had more than one for […]

My foundation almost never looks good by the end of the day, so I have a trick of taking it off only in the center of my face (where my problems are), so nose and around the nose, and chin (I have bangs). I use […]

I haven’t seen it yet, but a friend of my mom’s recently made a documentary called Stink about how fragrance is completely unrelgulated and there is no requirement that ingredients be listed, so having the word […]

Ooh, this is very tempting. I’ve been working on my bronzer collection lately.

What does “cool peach” mean?

RT buffing brush or sigma F80. But honestly I use my fingers or beauty blender most often.

Very curious about the wayne goss mentioned above. The two I’ve bought of his have become invaluable already.

Oh gosh yes. If I don’t put powder over cream blush I wind up looking like a ghost by the end of the day because it has all evaporated. Once I started doing that, I realized I could be playing with colors more. […]

Your skin tone/coloring: light/fair, warm
Best face mask? dermalogical multivitamin recovery mask. hands down. although I’m always up for new ideas.
Best face serum? liked ole henrikson truth serum when I used […]

Love this stuff! I brought some back from Canada once and then found it in a french pharmacy in NYC. So glad it’s going to be more widely available.

It’s not a particularly powerful makeup remover in my […]

Oh, and re color IQ at sephora, I’ve had really mixed results with it and was not happy with the outcome. I also ran a test where I looked at different shades they said matched the same person and do not believe […]

Endless endless testing, and the advise of one or two sales associates that I should be using warm undertones, which I previously had not. Honestly, the realization that I might have to mix shades and shouldn’t […]

Your skin tone/coloring: fair/light, warm
Favorite lip combo of the moment? hourglass icon lipstick. I have the matching lip pencil but not sure if it’s the best to use with it – it darkens it quite a bit and I […]

I’m not 100% committed yet but I’m thinking bronze eye (mac tempting over a cream bronze base, obviously with transition colors in the crease and maybe some mulch on the outer third) and glowy skin. I got […]

Eh. I lean warm but am pale/neutral enough that I can definitely wear cooler colors from time to time. I actually try not to go too extreme in either direction, but I do wear some cool lipsticks sometimes (up […]

I’m not a palette person so I guess it’s silly for me to think I’d use them anyway. I only have a few – naked 2, ud electric and a sleek one. I think that’s pretty much it. Oh one Dior five-shadow one. I […]

Your skin tone/coloring: warm, fair/light
Last beauty product you purchased? Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer and CND Stickey nail polish base.
Last beauty product you returned? I have Clinique airbrush […]

Powder stuff, brushes, and unused samples I pass along to friends. I’m a packrat so by the time I decide to get rid of a lipstick or cream anything it’s probably past its prime anyway, so I toss it.

My everyday is pretty simple and basic no-makeup makeup. I don’t wear any eye makeup other than mascara (and filled in brows). And usually no lips either. Just skin stuff/foundation/blush, etc.

Evenings tend […]

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