Interesting, so it’s cooler shades, will they make pink toned one as well? I’m kinda bored by it as well,, but I still want to pick up Naked 3 as a good basic everyday shadows (I have none). As for UD – the […]

I have few. I’ve got my very first lipgloss by wet’n’wild xD but I think i threw it out only recently (after 10+ years of purchase?). I’ve got Gosh pigments from 2004. Glam shine cream lipstick in shade 205 sexy […]

Essence waterproof Liquid Ink eyeliner
Why? It’s sooo 1) cheap, 2) pigmented 3) matte finish 4) not greyish 5) easy to apply (far easier than gel or pen for me) 6) lasts for 24+ hours 7) easy to remove with […]

This year, so since 23. Why? I started to notice that my fine lines are somewhat getting deeper and more comfortable on my face. Most of my stuff like BB creams already are anti wrinkle, but I also have a serum, […]

I have pretty oily eyelids so I have to wear the primer every day. Or else my makeup smudges and creases in 2-3 hours depending on formula.

If it’s 5 minutes for makeup I do my eyes (base, neutral light shadows, liner and, optionally, mascara). And then I grab to go a BB cream and a lipgloss or tinted balm. I’ve got a compact foundation with mirror […]

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